Monday, July 24, 2017

SPLC puts the Alliance Defending Freedom's long history of anti-LGBTQ bigotry on public blast

This book helps SPLC make the case against The Alliance Defending Freedom

SPLC "pulled out the receipts" on The Alliance Defending Freedom

Media Matters just published an article detailing how religious right and other groups are targeting the Southern Poverty Law Center in a below-the-board, but coordinate campaign.

The organizations, such as the Family Research Council, are angered that SPLC designated them as hate groups. This latest attack on SPLC was precipitated when the group called out the Alliance Defending Freedom, another religious right group, for its efforts to stamp out LGBTQ equality, including supporting the criminalization of homosexuality in several countries.

'I get some of the 'loveliest' threats' & other Mon midday news briefs

Editor's note - From time to time, I get "lovely" messages:

 . . .you are distorting and even justify it by claiming they hide homophobic behavior, that is itself a distortion and a spin. You should clean up your own house and look at your own bigoted nature. In fact not only do I now have your IP address I will be posting your name and address as a militarized homosexual bigot who is full of hate towards a religious people he follow the teachings that tell them homosexuality is an abomination and do not take part in it, yet you demand they put their religious convictions aside to appease you. I'm not really posting your name and address although that is what has been done by the ADL and ilk, shameful.

Nice to see someone "appreciates" my work.

Hate groups hide years of extremism behind baseless "fake news" accusations - Speaking of which, Media Matters cites my work in calling out anti-LGBTQ hate groups. 

Chris Christie signs two pro-transgender bills into law - When people aren't looking, Christie can be a rather nice guy. 

Five Things That Can Help Us All Better Understand Transgender Childhood - Yes! Yes! A million times, yes! 

Bryan Fischer: Opposition To LGBTQ Rights Is A Test Of Who Can Govern When Jesus Returns - Oh Bryan, I have missed you, you homophobic shit. 

 Moonlight and Magic: Where is the Black LGBTQ representation in media and Hollywood? - Preach!!!

Trump has the religious right & white evangelicals in his hip pocket

Don't expect the religious right and white evangelicals to step up as Trump's "moral conscience" as we all get immersed in his scandals. They are too busy trying to reap the benefits of kissing his behind.

From Newsweek:

"(The Trump Administration) not only on our speed dial, we’re on their speed dial. In my opinion, it’s good for America,” says (Christian businessman Johnnie) Moore.  
Evangelical Christians have unprecedented access to President Donald Trump’s White House and are “on speed dial” with the administration, according to an activist who prayed over the president in the Oval Office. The evangelical community overwhelmingly backed the Republican in November’s election, and Trump has been quick to repay it. The president has signed an executive order on religious liberty and cut funding to abortion providers overseas. Now, it appears that the president is rewarding one of his most important support bases with a hotline to the White House and some of the most senior officials in the administration. . 
. .This support has continued throughout Trump’s first six months in office, according to Paul Djupe, an associate professor at Denison University who specializes in religion and politics. Djupe says he has collected data in recent months that shows that aside from traditional hot-button issues for evangelicals like abortion and religious liberty, the community has backed Trump through the scandals his administration has weathered. For example, evangelicals mostly supported Trump’s decision to fire ex-FBI director James Comey and do not believe that the multiple investigations into alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia will uncover any wrongdoing, says Djupe. “Evangelicals, really, from the beginning of Trump’s campaign, have been working in symbiosis with the administration. They clearly have their own interests but they are all aboard the Trump train,” says Djupe.