Monday, September 13, 2010

Zimbabwean father attacks, disowns gay son

To some of us, Zimbabwe may seem a world away, but this situation is a sign of the fact that the lgbt struggle for equality and dignity is a worldwide thing:

A BULAWAYO man has disowned his son and thrown him out of the family home in Tshabalala Extension after the 20 year-old confessed to being gay.

Irvine Mahachi told the Bulawayo-based Sunday News he was still struggling to come to terms with his son, Irvine Junior’s sexuality, which he described as “shameful and taboo”.

“I did not raise my son to be gay. I raised him to be a man. I expected him to chase after skirts like other boys but he never did that.

. . . the announcement stunned the family and his angry father said his wife had fainted when their son told them the shocking news.

“The manner in which he asked for an audience with me and my wife made me realise that something was wrong. He was nervous and not his usual self.

“I was so angry and shocked that I hit him with my fists, something that I have never done in my life. My wife suffers from high blood pressure and the shocking news almost killed her. Even today she is not herself,” Mahachi said.

He said Irvine was no longer welcome in the family home.

“As far as I am concerned I do not have a son anymore. The only child I have left is my lovely daughter. What Irvine has done is taboo and shameful. It’s unheard of in our African culture,” Mahachi is reported as saying.

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 This is an ugly story but it's something to remember. No matter how many laws we pass in this country, no matter how we rage against "Gay Inc," or President Obama, or the religious right, or whoever else, the struggle for lgbt equality is worldwide. And while we fight for what we want in the United States, let's never forget those lgbts in other counties who are in a worse state than us.

Let our minds, hearts, and prayers be with them.

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NH Senate candidate opposes gay adoption and other Monday midday news briefs

This is a video which should get us all angry. Yet another potential legislator (Republican NH candidate for Senate Kelly Ayotte) using silly talking points rather than addressing a problem. All families which provide love and support to children should be uplifted. We have no business creating caste systems for families in this country.

Hat tip to Pam's House Blend

In other news:

Iowa For Freedom: Liars. - Whatever to the good old days when folks told lies that weren't so damned blatant that they were pitiful?

Tenn. Lesbian Couple’s Home Torched - THIS is what terrorism looks like.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist prepared to endorse broad swath of gay rights - Say what you will about this electoral season, it's yielding some wild incidents.

NOM: Desperate in DC - Any Monday in which the National Organization for Marriage looks like idiots isn't a total bad day.

50 Cent under fire over `gay wedding bloodbath` tweets - Great. Just what the world is waiting for. A "beef" between 50 Cent and Perez Hilton.

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Homophobic pastor's son speaks in Charleston

Nate Phelps, the son of the homophobic Westboro pastor Fred Phelps came to Charleston, SC last week as a part of a program held by Alliance For Full Acceptance, an education and advocacy group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

From what I hear, it was a pretty awesome speech. But for those who missed it (myself included), this interview with the Charleston media will have to suffice.

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