Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Hilarious anti-LGBTQ school board rant goes viral. But with the mockery comes a huge addendum

This man's highly bigoted rant at a TX school board meeting would be amusing except for the fact that the policy he supported passed.

This guy's insane speech has gone viral. He was speaking during board meeting at the Grapevine-Colleyville school district in Texas in support of a policy similar to Florida's Don't Say Gay law.

Yep, he is one to mock. But you also know that the board passed the policy. 

The policy gaining approval and  folks like him spewing stuff at school board meetings in general are the result of a cellphone company and far right Christian activist group, Patriot Mobile, investing $500,000 in flooding Northeast Texas school board elections with conservative candidates. And winning.

If it sounds scary, then good. It should. Basic bigotry is always fun to laugh at until you see its consequences.

Hat tip to independent journalist Steven Monacelli. He does really good work and you should support him. Click on his name to go to his linktree.

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