Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bryan Fischer doesn't care if you catch him lying about lgbts

Bryan Fischer will openly lie about gays without batting an eye.

When we expose the duplicity of  anti-lgbt hate groups and their spokespeople, we should do more than focus on their prejudiced statements. The times in which they openly distort research is full of rich material.

A good example is a column published today by American Family Association affiliate Bryan Fischer. His piece, Homosexuality Is A Danger to Human Health, is yet another one of those religious right posts which cites legitimate medical information to create the false narrative that "homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle.

Fischer says the following:

According to a recent and extensive survey, homosexuals have "excess health problems" compared to sexually normal people. They suffer disproportionately from "impaired physical and mental health, heavy alcohol consumption, and heavy cigarette use." 

The National Health Interview Survey, which has been conducted since 1957, included a question about sexual preference for the first time in 2013 and 2014. The results are astounding and alarming for anyone who cares about people who are trapped in a sexually abnormal lifestyle. 

 . . . The survey found that a sexually non-normative lifestyle takes a particular toll on women and bisexuals. Lesbians are 91 percent more likely to report inferior health outcomes compared to heterosexual women, and bisexual women are 100 percent more likely to report chronic health conditions. Those in alternative lifestyles were more likely than the sexually normal to report heavy drinking and smoking.

Now the next information Fischer presents is astounding because of the upfront way he presents it and his audacious attempt to refute it. (I put it in bold to emphasize the point):

The politically-compromised researchers were quick to blame social bias and rejection for these devastating numbers but this is utterly implausible. Homosexuality is now the most-favored sexual preference on the planet, celebrated by lawmakers, Hollywood celebrities, and presidential candidates.

If there are any folks experiencing bigotry and social rejection, it would be Christian students, bakers, florists, photographers, or wedding planners. Yet they seem remarkably well-adjusted considering the constant abuse they take from every quarter.

Further evidence that these alarming health results in the “gay” population can’t be chalked up to bias and prejudice comes from the fact that similar surveys in Scandinavian countries consistently show similar results, despite the plain fact that sexually adventurous lifestyles have been celebrated there for decades.

What Fischer did here is simply dishonest and blatantly so. He cites a portion of research to create a phony narrative that the lgbt orientation itself generates negative health behaviors. But then he openly and unapologetically dismisses the other portion of the same research because it refutes his narrative.

Why even use the research at all if he has a problem with a portion of it? 

Because Fischer isn't interested in facts or truth. He is only interested in the manipulation of facts into yet another ugly narrative he creates about the lgbt community. And he doesn't seem to that people see him openly and publicly lying.

Editor's note - I attempted to point out Fischer's errors in the comments section of his piece, but apparently I seem to have a reputation because I am blocked.

Hat tip to Joe Jervis for his tweet pointing Fischer's story out to me.

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