Thursday, February 23, 2023

Call it what it is - Legislative attack on drag queens is un-American, puppet government trash

When folks attack the LGBTQ community and our rights, it's always under the guise of some hysterical notion that anything about our culture will harm children. This recent hysteria about banning drag in public places is just the latest in a very long history of people masking their own ignorance and fears about LGBTQ people behind the lie that children need to be saved from us.

Republicans in Kentucky are working on a bill which would ban drag shows within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, and homes. A main target of this bill is  the popular event known as Drag Queen Story Hour in which drag queens read children's books to kids and their parents in public libraries. For years, those on the right have spun nefarious and false claims about the event in unsuccessful attempts to do away with it. Seeing that they couldn't dent the event's popularity, they are now attempting to legislate their will on people. 

I think this moment in the tweet below not only underscores the inanity of that particular bill, also but this entire crusade of fear:

This clip proves yet again that the main people who seem to be in need of a good drag show are the ones who oppose them. We are dealing with people who don't want to be reasoned with even though they have been told time and time again that their notions are inaccurate. They have a false idea of drag and our community in general. And it's not enough for them to have that belief. They want to force the belief on the rest of us, which is pretty ironic. They always complain that we are forcing our beliefs on them. 

But no one forces them or their kids to go to drag shows which by the way, can be either adult-oriented or child friendly just like movies. Drag in itself is not inherently x-rated. No one forces them  or their kids to attend Drag Queen Story Hour, which is an innocent event popular with both kids and their parents in general. No one is forcing them to abandon their inaccurate opinion that drag in itself is adult entertainment.  

These folks who claim that they are protecting and defending are the ones doing the forcing And they are determined to continue forcing even if it leads them to pervert our country's legislative process. They have every right to their personal beliefs that drag is dirty by nature and the LGBTQ community are out to supposedly groom children. But those beliefs are opinions, not facts. By attempting to pass these laws, these so-called moral crusaders are trying to convert these opinions into facts which they then are attempting to force the rest of us to live by. 

It's tyrannical and goes against everything America is supposed to stand for. It stinks of actions coming a puppet  government in which preconceived plans are carried out in an embarrassingly obvious show ceremony done for the sake of appearances. The rights of the people are sacrificed for the whims of those in power. Facts don't matter, integrity doesn't matter, and the people whom these folks are sworn to protect don't matter.

It seems to me that putting on a show of constitutional governance while stripping away constitutional rights is worse than any Republican imagination of a drag show could ever be.  And that is the very thing which our children should be protected from.

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