Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mike Huckabee spreads confusion about homosexuality and pedophilia

The reason why the Boy Scouts made such a ridiculous decision regarding keeping gays out is because people like former Governor and now radio talk show host Mike Huckabee. Listen how he and a caller who was molested as a child makes it seem that gays want to be in the Boy Scouts to "go after" children.

I feel sorry for this caller but he is wrong. A gay man did not molest him. A pedophile (a person who TARGETS children) molested him. And it's sad that Huckabee aided and abetted this poor man's ignorance:

This isn't accidental on Huckabee's part. He has in the past:
  • aligned himself with Southern Poverty Law Center – identified hate group Mass Resistance whose leader Brian Camenker once made a claim in 2006 that “gays were trying to get legislation passed to allow sex with animals” in Massachusetts,
  • attacked lgbt families by comparing them to people raising puppies,
  • bent over backwards to assure Ann Coulter that he wasn’t  “pro-gay” and “pro-sodomy.”

Just count this as another notch on his belt of homophobic ignorance.

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'Gay man survives 'ex gay' exorcism' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Alec Exeter: I Survived ‘Ex-Gay’ Exorcism - A sad story with a somewhat happy ending.  

Noted peddler of extremism: 'The Boy Scouts called me' about gay policy - Any organization consorting with hate groups is not an organization I would want my child to participate in. 

Texas University Settles Suit With Lesbian Professor, Passes Nondiscrimination Protections - Good news out of Texas!  

HIV Criminalization May Discourage Testing, Study Shows - WHICH the religious right will exploit no doubt. 

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Defender of anti-gay parenting study has history of distorting science

Mark Regenrus' faulty study on gay parenting has gained a new defender. But one should ask is it a defender which would help its credibility:

 . . . analyst Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family paints a different picture of the professor and his work.

"Professor Regnerus is an imminently good scholar -- very careful, very thoughtful," Stanton asserts. "I've read his study. He bends over backwards to really try to be measured … thoughtful and fair with the data. He doesn't slam anybody; he doesn't implicate anybody."

So the family analyst is shocked that the university would undertake this investigation based on one letter from a homosexual activist blogger. "We do need to understand that it's not scholars complaining about that and making that charge; it's one gay activist blogger who is," Stanton notes. "And unfortunately, the University of Texas at Austin kowtowed to that request."

That's the crux of Stanton's defense - "Professor Regnerus' study isn't faulty because it's really really good and Regnerus is a really, really, really nice guy."

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Stanton can't offer a suitable defense of Regnerus' study. Though Focus on the Family anoints Stanton as an "expert," he himself a history of getting into trouble for distorting scientific work in his attempt to denigrate the gay community. In March 2008,  he claimed that there’s a “clear consensus” among anthropologists that “A family is a unit that draws from the two types of humanity, male and female.”

However, those with expertise in such matters vehemently disagreed with this claim.

The American Anthropological Association in particular wrote a letter to Focus on the Family blasting Stanton for his error, calling it a gross misrepresentation of the position of the anthropological community on gay marriage.

This year, he was called out by Think Progress for distorting one study to oppose marriage equality. And then Equality Matters, another site, refuted his attempt to attack a pro-gay parenting study.

I had a personal discussion with him (which I posted online and you can read here) taking him to task for citing a fictional anti-gay term - gay bowel syndrome - to denigrate the gay community in a piece he wrote. His defense of using the term says a lot more about his bias than his alleged expertise.

Basically it comes down to this - Glenn T. Stanton defending any study against claims of distortions is like a rabid wolf defending another wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.

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