Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Family Research Council: Cancel culture is evil (but please forget when we tried to cancel Star Wars, the Girl Scouts, Apple Computers . . .)

Editor's note
- apparently Roger Severino is not happy about my post from yesterday. He blocked me on Twitter. Like I actually care. I am only writing about it to boast and to point out that his action proves my point.

Recently, the Family Research Council published a post about 'cancel culture.' In part, this is what it says:

Over the past few years, the language of “cancel culture” has become ubiquitous in our society. Social media platforms are cluttered with hashtags and campaigns urging us to “cancel” someone or declare that they are “over.” Whether the context is politics, sports, entertainment, or business, no one seems safe from the reach of the so-called cancel culture movement. However, many people are increasingly becoming wary of it. When asked about cancel culture in a recent interview, comedian Dave Chappelle quipped, “I hope we all survive it.” Chappelle’s passing comment points to a growing awareness that a movement that might have begun with good intentions has taken on a life of its own, resulting in a variety of unintended consequences. What is cancel culture? How should Christians think about the notion of “canceling” people, institutions, or ideas?

First of all, "cancel culture" is nothing new. It's merely a cute new way to describe an old practice. In my day, 'cancel culture' was known, at the least, as basic criticism and, at the most, as boycotting. 

And that makes FRC's blog post ironic and highly hypocritical, seeing that organization has made a name for itself by attempting to cancel various businesses and entities which it felt was too LGBTQ supportive.

Let's make a list, shall we. Over the years, the Family Research Council attempted to cancel

Apple Computers when its CEO, Tim Cook, came out of the closet. 

Chick-Fil-A when it was discovered that the restaurant's owners donated money to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A Star Wars video game for including gay characters.

The Girl Scouts and girl scout cookies for supporting the LGBTQ community. FRC even pushed a prayer alert against the group.

And last but not least, the LGBTQ community in general. FRC have been attempting to cancel us from day one.

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Fetish-Induced Anti-Trans Fear Mongering - The Slowly Boiled Frog is one of my favorite blogs because of stuff like this: 

 The American Principles Project (APP) is one of the numerous extremist Catholic organizations founded by Robert P. George and Luis Tellez. (The professor and the Opus Deist). APP isn’t very principled when it comes to telling the truth. First of all, LGBTQ people are routinely denied basic medical care (see below). Secondly, sexuality — including sexuality that Schilling disapproves of — is not an ideology. Thirdly, there is no such thing as a “sex-change procedure.” Moreover, hospitals do not perform procedures. People perform procedures and hospitals, including Catholic hospitals, have complete autonomy in the extension of privileges. 

 Simple truth. You can't beat it. 

Post-Trump Fox News is a hotbed of anti-LGBTQ extremism - I once asked a question about Fox News as it slowly gained power. What could we do if this network gained a lot of power and viewers and then decided to take a very homophobic and badly slanted view of LGBTQ equality? That moment is now.

U.K. to ban LGBTQ conversion therapy and provide more support - Snap! Go U.K.! It's your birthday! Go U.K.! It's your birthday!