Friday, April 12, 2019

'Trump's ban on transgender soldiers bringing fear and chaos to military families' & other Fri midday news briefs

Trump’s Transgender Ban Brings Chaos and ‘a Lot of Fear’ to Troops’ Families - Friday is the official start to this awful ban. It will not stand and those who pushed it will be remembered for what they have done.

Navy to allow off-duty trans sailors to dress in accordance with gender identity - How about no ban at all on transgender troops?

Members of Congress, activists rally against trans troop ban - Like I said, this ain't over by a long shot.

Pride organizers cancel parade citing ‘current political & social environment.’ They mean racism. - This is a MESS, no matter what side you are taking. And I'm sorry but I am not leaning with the outside groups here. Their actions are virtue signaling at its worse. Also, police departments and the military HAVE A PLACE at Pride celebrations. They should be included. 

Arizona’s Anti-LGBTQ Sex Education Law Has Finally Been Repealed After 28 Years - Progress!