Friday, April 08, 2011

Know Your LGBT History - I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

It was 2007 and lgbts still had to deal with awful comedies in which our sexual orientation is a punchline like in this movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Adam Sandler (who is not funny) and Kevin James (ditto) plays two heterosexual firefighters who enter into a civil union for the insurance. It was a hit, which doesn't say much for the mentality of some people who go to the movies.

Just awful:

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NOM suffers major defection and other Friday midday news briefs

G-A-Y Exclusive: National Organization For Marriage tour organizer/Facebook moderator does startling about-face; Exposure to NOM could lead to unintended side effects - This is MAJOR! A member/supporter of NOM, Louis J. Marinelli (whom I have criticized many times on this blog) has made a serious about face. He now supports civil marriage equality and on top of that, retracts many anti-gay things he has said. And best of all are his choice words for Peter LaBarbera. Sweeeeeet!

An Enemy Defects - A very good friend of mine makes a crucial point about the above situation. How we treat someone like Marinelli who has changed his position says as much about us as a community than it does about him. Some people may be tempted to be nasty, but we are a much better people than that.

Watch: Military Service Chiefs Report 'No Issues' with 'DADT' Repeal Implementation - The Family Research Council will be all upset. Good.

Judge rules gay rights group can picket Target
- Excellent ruling!

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For the Family Research Council, government shutdown is all about abortion

The Family Research Council seems to be taking time from its "busy schedule" of gay-baiting in order to inform folks about the possibly imminent government shutdown.

And the organization's actions seem to indicate the prevailing story coming out of Washington, i.e. the possibility of a government shutdown isn't about deficits but the social issue of abortion.

At the FRC's Cloakroom - the blog of FRC Action, which is an offshoot of the organization itself, there are several posts which connect the government shutdown to efforts - no doubt pushed by FRC and other like-minded groups - to strip funding from Planned Parenthood, including a not very nice post on Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY):

Rep. Slaughter is one of the top defenders of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. According to heir own figures Planned Parenthood has killed over 5 million babies since they started profiting from the abortion business. If you say even half of those where girls (the figure could be higher when you take in that evidence points top more girls are aborted than boys) the Rep. Slaughter is defending the, well . . . slaughter of at least 2.5 million women.

Then there is a post on the History of Shutdowns, which begins with this very telling sentence:

As a shut down looms, apparently over taxpayer funding of abortion for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and for President Obama over funding of the troops . . .

Then there is another piece which supposedly calls Democratic Senators hypocrites over their past abortion votes.

Lastly, there is the post with this headline:

Senator Reid champions taxpayer funded abortions while President Obama declares war on our troops

Certainly I'm not saying that FRC is hoping for a government shutdown. But the idea, which the organization is helping to push, that the government shutdown isn't about deficits or controlling spending levels, but placing restraints on reproductive care and controlling what a woman can do with her body leaves me kinda uncomfortable.

There is a train of thought which is blaming the tea party for what may happen and while this group deserves a degree of blame, let's not omit organizations like FRC, folks like Lila Rose and that ridiculous organization of hers, Live Action, and especially Congressmen like Mike Pence whose idea of morality is widening his eyes like saucers as he pontificates on camera regarding how its so hard for him to make other people uphold HIS moral code.

I guess what I'm saying is that I can almost understand a possible government shutdown over monetary disagreements. But shutting down the government over social issues, particularly when it comes to the issue of reproductive care and the right of a woman to control her own body, is something that should piss off every American.

Mostly because it proves the fact that some in Washington aren't working for the American people, but special interest groups - like FRC - who really don't care how pushing for their pet causes affects us "common folks."

To them, we seem to be collateral damage.

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