Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Family Research Council spins another lie that gays are trying to bully people of faith

Just when we thought hate group the Family Research Council was spending too much time milking its new cash cow of fundraising on the persecution card - the notion that lockdown policies designed to shield us from coronavirus infection is actually a plan to silence the church - it goes right back to the classic lie of "gays are trying to bully Christians." And apparently "big business" is in on the plot as seen by the graphic above from FRC's webpage

I will spare you the link, but it's just so upsetting to me. All of this "fun" stuff that gays are attempting to do to people faith (omitting the fact that we are also people of faith) and I have never gotten one memo from National Headquarters.

How can I be a decent "radical homosexual leftist radical" if I'm not getting the memos?

'19 celebrities who have come out since last year's Pride' & other Tue midday news briefs

LGBTQ Hollywood 2020: 19 Stars Who Have Come Out Since Last Year’s Pride - Yes this is still needed. When I was young, it was an unheard of thing to do. And I still get goosebumps of joy when a celebrity comes out.  Any message saying to be open and unashamed is a good message, particularly to our kids.

That time a proud mom placed a newspaper ad announcing her teen son had come out as gay - Looking back at a 2016 incident which still rules!

Disney's New Animated Short Film Features Man Coming Out to His Family - THIS happened over the holiday weekend. And it's still slamming!