Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Pro-Trump TV channel OANN tries conservative comedy, bombs spectacularly

My apologies for this not being LGBTQ-centric and to those of us in the community who may have a conservative leaning. But in my defense, this is so awful that it becomes hilarious.

When not trafficking conspiracy theories which causes international incidents, such as the Obama Administration spying on the Trump campaign with the help of England, slightly right of Atilla the Hun "tv channel" One America News Network is trying its hand at creating a comedy show.

This clip is only 51 seconds but it's so painful that it becomes funny, while simultaneously proving that the conservative outrage industry can amplify lies but can't do shyte with comedy. I can safely say that this is probably the most hilariously sad or sadly hilarious thing you will see in a while.

In the first clip tweeted out by Herring on Tuesday, host Drew Berquist—a former BlazeTV host and counterterrorism officer—took aim at the right’s favorite bogeywoman as of late: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The result, of course, is Mike Huckabee-style hokey “comedy” tailor-made for people who apparently love painfully flat humor. Riffing on a nearly three-week-old story of Ocasio-Cortez supposedly appropriating a forced “black accent” during a speech addressing an African-American audience, Berquist’s punchline is him just imitating AOC, but with an even more stereotypical accent. The show’s laugh track loved it though!

Hat tip to People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch.

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