Monday, March 14, 2016

'Anti-gay hate groups unite against Tenn. GSA' & other Mon. midday news briefs

National Anti-LGBT Hate Groups Join Fight Against Tennessee High Schoolers' Gay-Straight Alliance - Our usual character. However, they have already been caught lying and may face some resistance. 

Colorado fight to end ‘gay conversion therapy’ could carry national weight - The slow but steady eradication of the fraudulent "ex-gay" therapy would be wonderful.

  Even by Christopher Doyle standards this is spectacularly stupid - Meanwhile, possibly the last resistance against this welcomed development (the end of "ex-gay" therapy) makes an absolutely ridiculous move in filing a complaint with the FTC against the Human Rights Campaign? What's the charge? Put down anything you are drinking before reading this link.  

How Nancy Reagan Finally Started a Conversation About AIDS -- 35 Years Later - WITHOUT comment.  

Judge denies request to reconsider jail sentence for Kathryn Knott in assault conviction - So sorry honey. Go directly to jail.

Nine questions gays have for straight people

You may have already seen this video but I'm posting it anyway because I've always wanted to ask heterosexual folks a few of these questions: