Thursday, February 13, 2014

'Two films about fake anti-Christian persecution will premiere this year' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Editor's note - Thank you those who sent me kind messages expressing wishes that I get better and defeat this nasty cold/flu that I am stricken with.

Why is the above so important? Because of junk like below:  

There Are Two Christian Right Movies Called ‘Persecuted’ Coming Out This Year - Maybe it's just me but I've always thought that so-called persecuted people wouldn't be able to put out movies about being persecuted. It kinda defeats their talking point when their so-called persecutors don't nip the films in the bud, doesn't it? 

 Audio: OR cake baker continues to let political movement's bad advice ruin his pastry business - What did Wesley Snipes say in the movie Blade? - "Some people just have to attempt to ice skate uphill." Okay he didn't say it like that but this is a family blog.  

Limbaugh: "We're Fast Approaching A World Where It Ain't Cool To Be Straight" - Don't worry Rush. You are one heterosexual man who many people never considered as cool in the first place. 

 Ted Cruz Introduces Anti-Gay Marriage Bill - Good grief. Good luck, Teddy. 

 Indiana Gay Marriage Supporters Hail Setback To State's Ban - Good news out of Indiana!