Friday, February 22, 2019

'Members of anti-LGBTQ right oppose Trump's 'plan' to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe' & other Fri midday news briefs

Scott Lively was a main force behind  Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' bill.

Scott Lively Warns Trump: God Will Withdraw His “Hand Of Favor” Over Push To Decriminalize Homosexuality - Trump's bogus desire to decriminalize homosexuality is already getting religious right opposition.  Of course Scott Lively is upset over it. If it was on the up-and-up, it would ruin all of his "work" in Uganda.

Lance Wallnau Prays Against Trump Administration Push to Decriminalize Homosexuality - Second verse. Same as the first. 

 Post from last night. Not necessarily opposition from the Family Research Council. But an extremely weaselly worded approval - Family Research Council tries to squeeze out a little support for Trump's 'plan' to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe

Number of hate groups reaches all time high under Trump presidency - All of your talk about Jussie Smollett can't obscure this.

Should the state now apologize for targeting gay people as a threat in the 1950s? - Two words - HELL YEAH.

Judge grants US citizenship to twin son of same-sex couple - The struggle goes on as do the victories.