Monday, April 09, 2012

Vote for MarriageNC ad filled with misrepresentations and false views

Vote for MarriageNC has come out with another ad in an attempt to push that awful anti-marriage equality amendment, Amendment One, in the state:

These folks sound reasonable, don't they? Especially the African-American pastor Patrick Wooden.

Don't buy it.

Wooden's comments is sprinkled throughout the video, but I took note to 1:13 - 1:55 of this video when he claims that those on his side of the argument aren't trying to impose their views on anyone. He also attempts to make it seem that gays do not face discrimination. And he also claims that he is not opposed to gays doing well in America.

Wooden's "I don't have any animus against the gay community" inference is a total misrepresentation. Remember his comments in January about gay men needing diapers:


Wooden: The God of the Bible made the human sperm, the God of the Bible designed it and it was not designed to be emptied into an area that is filled with feces, there is nothing for it to germinate with, it will most certainly mean the extinction of the human race. My belief is that if the medical community would just step forward and just would share with the American people what happens to the male anus, the problems that homosexuals have with their rectums, the damage that is done, the operations that are needed to sew up their bodies if you will, and how many of the men don’t even give these stitches time to heal before they are back out there practicing that wicked behavior. Some are bleeders, men who are not turned off by ingesting the feces of other men.

Not only did he not back off that statement, but he made the following claim about gay men, cell phones, baseball bats, and gerbils:


Wooden: I do not back off or back down from my statements at all. I was giving anecdotal examples that I am personally aware of that have happened as a result of men who have given themselves over to this lifestyle. One man past away, a friend of mine shared this information with me, that where what used to be his anus had become a gaping hole and he literally died in diapers, he literally lost control of himself. There are examples of men who have stretched their anuses, their sphincter muscles so that they could fit objects into themselves that once the sphincter muscle is stretched too much it will not contract. Because the truth is, despite the anger of the homosexual community, the anus is not a vagina. A vagina, a woman can give birth, God so designed it, the hips release can give birth to babies and things return back to normal. The anus doesn’t work that way; this is one of the reasons why many male homosexuals place larger and larger objects in their rectums.

. . . I know of a case where in a hospital a homosexual male had a cellphone lodged in his anus and as they were operating on him the phone went off, the phone started ringing! There’ve been instances where men have put bats, baseball bats, in their rectums!

In spite of what he claims in the Vote for MarriageNC video, Wooden is not motivated by a need to "protect marriage."  Wooden is motivated by homophobia disguised as Christian beliefs.

And he is not the only person in the video hiding his true views. Pastor Mark Creech also tries to make faux reasonable arguments with opposing marriage equality. But according to Jeremy Hooper from, Creech has said the following about gays:

"In fact, let me go on record with Tim Mertes in saying I also believe homosexuality is "impure," "dirty," and "disgusting." [SOURCE]

"Once again the Sodomites press upon the door of restraint to knock it down. America is presently the victim of an attempted sexual assault by the gay agenda — an attempted homosexual gang rape of our culture — the effort to sodomize our society! The great question is whether the majority of Americans who believe homosexuality is wrong and injurious for the nation, will continue to allow for its victimization, or whether they'll use the system of government God has so graciously granted to fight back." [SOURCE]
"To contend homosexuality or other sexually alternative practices are as worthy of special protections as religion is like saying feculence is as important to one's person or the culture as food. [SOURCE]
"While certain personality traits, familial relationships, early childhood experiences, possible sexual molestation, etc., may provide fertile soil for homosexuality to grow, these factors are not the primal issue. Homosexuality is not the result of biology! It is not caused by a deficit in the relationship with the same-sex parent! It is not caused by a failure to bond with one’s same-sex peers or any other outside influences! It is caused by something radically wrong with the human heart! It is caused by the principle of sin!"

"The real cause of homosexual desire or activity is the idolatrous instincts of the human heart." [SOURCE]
"Few sins have done more of late to wreak havoc among God's people as homosexuality." [SOURCE]

The fact that these supposed Christian people chose to hide their true views about homosexuality in the ad says volumes about their lack of honesty. Reading and hearing these views says more about why they actually support Amendment One.

Make no mistake about it. Amendment One is not motivated by a need to "protect marriage." Amendment One is motivated by homophobia and ignorance wrapped up in a Biblical shell.

But when you pull off that shell, we are still talking about homophobia and ignorance.

The following posts speak the truth about Amendment One:

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'Mormon students create controversial 'It Gets Better' video' and other Monday midday news briefs

Students from Mormon-run Brigham Young University have created their own "It Gets Better" video and it is causing controversy. According to the Associated Press(by way of Think Progress), by posting the video, the students could face excommunication from the church and expulsion.

And even some in the gay community have voiced a sort of opposition. One viewer of the video wrote me to say:

I find it a disturbing video and am surprised that the Its Get Better people allowed the Mormon church to highjack the project, since I fear that this video is more likely to lead to more suicide than to prevent suicides. One young person, in particular, seem in great pain and needs help--and not the kind of help he is likely to get from a Mormon psychiatrist.

My personal feeling is that anyone can and should be able to benefit from the "It Gets Better" message. But what do you think:

In other news:

Can anyone force National Organization for Marriage to follow the law? - A fellow blogging buddy of mine, Scott Wooledge from Daily Kos pushes the very apt theory that NOM is enters every state fight against marriage equality knowing that it will violate the state's disclosure laws.

‘Bully’ Rating Lowered To PG-13 - Very good news indeed!

Meet Todd Starnes, Fox’s Mouthpiece For Anti-Gay Hate Groups - I read this piece only once because it got me so angry. Just plain demagoguery.

High School Student Finds Strength to Come Out as Transsexual - I love and admire the strength of the next generation.

'Desert Outlook,' New LGBT Magazine, Launched By 'The Desert Sun,' Features Dianne Feinstein And Hank Plante - Good luck to them cause we need more media outlets talking about our issues. The ones we got sometimes get bogged down with frivolous stuff.

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PBS spotlights gay persecution in Uganda

Let's not forget the awful situation for our lgbtq brothers and sisters in Uganda:

Watch In Uganda, Gays Face Growing Social, Legal Hostility on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

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