Thursday, August 04, 2016

'Grindr scandal hits Catholic Church in Ireland' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Grindr scandal rocks Catholic Church

Bishop Removes Priests From Irish Seminary Over Grindr Claims - I  think that the Pope needs to stop attacking transgender men and women and tend to his own garden. Just a personal observation there. 

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Marco Rubio - Talk about "tolerance" all you want, but don't expect lgbts to tolerate fake people such as Marco Rubio. Don't give sympathy for crimes committed against us and then align yourself with anti-lgbt hate groups.

  Log Cabin continues to mull Trump endorsement - Uh . . y'all . . . I'm just saying . . .  

Michigan Supreme Court denies lesbians parental rights - Ugly bit of business. More complicated than the headline makes it seem.

 Asian-American LGBT Groups Find Support in Growing Community Giving Circles - This is a group I've yet to feature (Apologies).

Is Donald Trump a friend of the lgbt community? #@&* NO!

Just a reminder from my friend, Matt Baume. No matter what some badly processed skunk haired individual (who shall remain nameless) and other, shall we say, financially well placed individuals may think, Donald Trump is no friend to the lgbt community: