Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Beware of the evil queen

Late April Fool's Day joke simply because I've run out of stuff to write about and I'm tired so allow me to change into The Evil Queen and pray you don't have to see her again:

Yes this is a preview of the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman and also of my new winter wardrobe.

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'NYT, Star-Ledger blast NOM for homophobic, racist tactics' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Be a Real Maverick: Stand Up For Equality - Lambda Legal files lawsuit on behalf of student who wants to make a true testimony about Jesus as it pertains to the gay community.

Tony Perkins: Pride Flag In Afghanistan Camp Threatens ‘Military Security’ - Only in the screwed-up world of the Family Research Council and Tony Perkins.

'Times' Editorial calls NOM's approach 'poisonous'; 'snake oil often is,' I add - Sweet! The New York Times blasts NOM's divide and conquer strategy.

Star-Ledger’s opinion about NOM - And so doe the Star-Ledger in New Jersey.

Fox News Lauds “Bully” Documentary After Condemning Anti-Bullying Efforts - Talking about speaking with a forked tongue.

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NOM continues to use African-American leaders as sad pawns

I'm sort of stealing this post from my online friend Jeremy Hooper. But I think he won't mind.

The subject of irony seems to be lost on the National Organization for Marriage. That would explain its latest action:

On the post, NOM says the following:

Media elites seem to imagine NOM is responsible for the wedge between blacks and gays on the issue of gay marriage.

But the reality on the ground in North Carolina and so many other places is that black church leaders are bravely standing up for what they think is right. It is insulting for the elite media to imply they are NOM puppets, just like it would be arrogant for anyone at NOM to imagine we are responsible for this show of support.

It's a classic case of NOM trying to shift the blame. But trying to cite Wooden as an example of black pastors standing on their own to attack marriage equality contradict NOM's talking points.