Monday, May 10, 2021

ACLU video nails how homophobic rhetoric about children is transformed into transphobic rhetoric

From Anita Bryant's 1977 campaign to 'save  children from homosexuality' (top picture)  to today's legislative attack on transgender youth under the guise of 'saving girl's and women's sports' (bottom picture), the religious right and their allies have always hid their bigoted undermining of LGBTQ rights by falsely claiming to be "protecting" the most vulnerable.

This right here below is a 48 second history lesson which folks like myself have been trying to communicate to the public for the longest. The recent legislative attack on transgender Americans under the guise of "protecting women and children" is nothing more than a continuation of the lies the religious right and their allies used to claim that children needed to be "protected from homosexuality in the 1970s. It also illustrates that our community cannot rely on the media (and especially podcasting frauds like Joe Rogan) to do the right thing in telling the story. It's up to us and our allies to forcefully educate people on this. 

Hat tip to the ACLU.

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