Saturday, November 14, 2009

A preview for tomorrow's piece on anti-gay comments and personalities

Last Sunday, I wrote a piece on the top 10 anti-gay sayings which got a huge reaction.

I am working on a sequel to that piece which I hope to unveil tomorrow morning. Here is a short preview to get you interested:

Donnie McClurkin - Don't act shocked. You know I was going to include him. After his recent uncalled for attack on young gay men last week, McClurkin definitely makes this list. His comments against young gays of color were as follows:

“I see feminine men, feminine boys, everywhere I go … No, don’t applaud ‘cuz it ain’t funny. It’s because we failed. I see them everywhere.”

I'm having flashbacks of that little boy in the Sixth Sense.

Of course in his screed,  McClurkin didn't want to leave the sistas out. He had this to say about lesbians:

"These young girls are just as bad as the boys in homosexuality, you don't see it. They can hide . . . but there are some evil young hard butch girls."

McClurkin has in the past claimed that he was molested and that led to him being gay. He has also said that through the "power of Jesus," he is no longer gay.

I say two things.

1. When someone like McClurkin says that they have been "delivered from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ,"  that usually means they are going to go through life more celibate than a monk in coma.

2. If by chance McClurkin ever announces that he is dating a woman or about to marry a woman, I suggest that we all stop what we are doing and start looking for Rod Serling. Because we will definitely be in the Twilight Zone.

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