Tuesday, June 21, 2022

No, this gay man is NOT trying to 'convert' or 'groom' toddlers.


As this silly message I got earlier this month proves, the smearing of LGBTQ folks as 'groomers' of children is reaching the Twilight Zone level of inanity (click on graphic to read it):

How sad that your agenda is smothering our children! No one wants to “erase” you. Just stop trying to “convert” our toddlers. Some of these little ones are still in diapers, have pacifiers and blankies. And you want to teach them about your “pride”! Our little ones should be proud of themselves without you trying to convert them. Can’t you at least wait for middle school?

Well! I've been accused of many things as a gay man, but NEVER of trying to 'convert,' 'recruit' or 'groom' babies. Honestly speaking, it simply underscores just how inane this 'groomer' accusation is.

 I think I speak for quite a few LGBTQ folks (as well quite a few heterosexual folks) in saying that if I could truly 'groom' or 'convert' anyone, I wouldn't waste my time on kids with so many millionaires and billionaires around.

I've got fake fur coats to get out of layaway.