Friday, March 03, 2017

'Christian conservative TX mom becomes 'accidental activist' after child comes out as transgender' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Christian, Conservative And Parenting A Transgender Child In Texas - I read this story this morning a few minutes after I woke up. It's easily the most poignant thing I've read in a while. When someone comes at you about how transgender children" make other children feel uncomfortable and pushing the "bathroom predator" nonsense, send them this piece. Kimberly Shappley is a self-described Christian and conservative. Then her six-year-old child came out as transgender and she had to decide what was more important. Luckily, as the video above shows, she made the right choice.

 Transgender Conservatives Speak Out: Trump ‘Failed’ The Test Of Equality - No shit! 

 When We Rise Falls Again in Ratings; Eyewitness Canceled - There seems to be a problem with viewers not flocking to lgbt-themed shows and such. The religious right, if they begin to brag about this, will claim that America is getting tired of having the so-called lgbt agenda supposedly thrust in its face. I personally think the problem is more complex. There needs to be a focus on the wide diversity of the lgbt community in both who represents us and region of the country where this representation comes from. Not all of us have history in California.

 Secretive Council For National Policy Pushing Trump To Sign ‘Religious Liberty’ Order - Yeah Trump. Go ahead and sign that executive order and see what happens . . .

This Far-Right Tweet About "The Future That Liberals Want" Backfired Into A Huge Meme - HEHEHEHE!