Thursday, June 06, 2013

Family Research Council continues to spread DELIBERATE lies about DADT repeal

The Family Research Council continues to falsely claim that the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is causing military sexual assaults. The following came from an email the organization just sent out:

The Pentagon downplayed the effects of open homosexuality when it was implemented in 2011 -- something it will have a tough time doing now, with the rate of male-on-male assaults at a record high. While the media rightly highlights the female victims, the Pentagon's 1,400-page report explains that service men are just as affected -- if not more so. According to the Defense Department's own numbers, military men suffered 2,000 more sexual attacks than their female counterparts in 2012, the first full year that open homosexuality was tolerated. All together, "unwanted sexual conduct" climbed to 26,000 cases (up from 19,000 in 2010) -- a 37% spike in two years. And some believe that's a low estimate -- in part because men are so relu ctant to report abuse, especially from other men. Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said a "focus" of the assault office "is specifically geared toward male survivors and will include why male survivors report at much lower rates than female survivors..." Unfortunately, most are victims -- not just of assault, but of this new sexually-charged environment.

Of course FRC doesn't even attempt to prove a correlation between sexual assaults on men and the repeal of DADT.  And I think there is a reason the organization won't.

Last year, the Penn Center published a study which found that there were no negative consequences to the repeal of DADT.

For FRC, it's the classic sin of omission. And it's something which the fake Christian organization has mastered.

Generally, FRC commits the sin of omission when citing Centers for Disease Control statistics about the lgbt community.  The organization uses CDC statistics about bad health and behavioral choices to claim that the lgbt orientation in itself is unhealthy.

However, FRC deliberately omits the fact that the CDC has said, on more than one occasion and generally in the same section on lgbt health which FRC distorts, that bad health and behavioral choices in the lgbt community are due to homophobia. Having to deal with a homophobic society (and often with no support system) has the effect of causing depression, stress, and bad behavioral choices with some in the lgbt community.

Okay, this is generally the point in my post which I make a snide comment about FRC's willingness to lie while at the same time claiming that it stands for Christian principles. But why bother. I've done it so many times that it gets tiresome.

The thing that we all need to take from this is not the fact that FRC is lying, but the sad reality that this organization will continue to lie unless more and more folks than little ole me on my blog calls them out on it.

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