Thursday, June 06, 2013

More footage from the failed homophobic 'cluster-yuk' at HRC

If you have not seen HRC's video of the failed anti-gay protest at its headquarters this week, you really need to. It breaks it all down to the main points.

Also, check out Truth Wins Out for Evan Hurst's absolutely BRUTAL play-by-play of the video.


Lurch said...


Unknown said...

People like this, who spread homophobia, and attempt to pathologize our LGTB lifestyles, are the lowest form of humanity. This is one reason I left the USA. These people would not be given voice here in Europe. Their spiel is vomit-inducing. You have to learn to 'tune it out' until it just becomes a minor annoyance in the background, like an untuned radio.

Really, they should take up a less demanding hobby, such as butterfly-collecting, backgammon or some cross-stitch. Until such a time, I do hope they can get some benefit from strong psychiatric medication that might quell their delusions about LGTB people.

Loving you blog, Alvin. Keep up your amazing work.

Fanny x x