Friday, June 02, 2023

Right-wing pundit freakout about LGBTQ greeting cards prove boycotts are more about bigotry than protecting kids


Far right pundits and activists will have you to believe that their present attacks on the LGBTQ community and companies which sell Pride merchandise is all about protecting kids.  However, thanks to right-wing pundit Alison Steinberg acting like a fool in Target via this video below, we are shown what they are actually attempting to accomplish.  The recent anti-transgender legislation and attacks are merely the gateway for the bigots to come after us all.  

Steinberg begins channeling lies about Pride swimwear, but she really blows a gasket over Target's greeting cards section. The fact that greeting cards exist for LGBTQ marriages and aspiring  parents really offends her.

Thank you  Alison for demonstrating that none of this is about protecting kids. It's all about bigotry

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