Sunday, June 26, 2022

Right-wing pundit has a vulgar meltdown after seeing Pride flag

Pride flags gets Alison Steinberg angry.

Amidst all of the chaos and fear these days have brought up, the following makes me grin. It's tonic for all that ails me.

From Mediaite:

One America News anchor Alison Steinberg short-circuited over the weekend — going on a profane meltdown over seeing the rainbow flag in the middle of Pride Month. Steinberg, who previously mused that it was “gay” to support Ukraine in their war against the invading Russian military, posted a fire-breathing rant to Instagram on Saturday night over seeing the LGBT pride flag fly over Huntington Beach.

“Guess what I came home to be greeted with?” Steinberg said while pointing to the flag. “This f*cking bullsh*t.” 

 That was hardly the end of it: 

" What the hell is that? Huntington Beach is the town of good ol’ fashioned, hard-working American people! People that worked all through the Covid lockdowns. Yes, that’s right! Huntington Beach never shut down through any of the Covid nonsense f*ckery. And now we’re peddling this garbage!? What the hell is this? The only flag that should be up there is the American flag. This is a disgrace to our city and it should be taken down immediately! Whoever the hell is running this town needs to be fired! Make America great again! Make Huntington Beach great again."

Poor baby. In the long run, it doesn't matter what you do or say. It doesn't matter how many times folks like you call us 'groomers' and threaten us. It doesn't matter how many videos Libs of TikTok distort to hurt us or how many boardroom plans are conjured up with the goal of stealing our rights. And it certainly doesn't matter how much money is spent to put biased justices on America's courts.

LGBTQ people aren't going anywhere. And we ain't going back to the days of fear and shame, where we hid in the closet in large numbers or made excuses for people's bigotry against us.  What we got right now is what we earned the hard way. We're not giving ANY OF IT up without a fight.

So throw your tantrums, spew your slogans, get it all out. Try us and you will have a fight on our hands. And we know how to fight.