Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Mercedes Schlapp tries to troll Pete Buttigieg over FAA outage. Gets repeatedly reminded about gay sexual assault accusation against her husband.

Mercedes and Matt Schlapp

An unfortunate feature of the modern day Republican Party is its tendency to mistake trolling on Twitter for actual legislative work. However Wednesday, one of its operatives learned a valuable lesson about the drawbacks of being a complete ass online.

Former employee of the Trump Administration and highly connected member of the Republican party, Mercedes Schlapp took it upon herself to troll Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Earlier that day, a computer outage at the Federal Aviation Administration grounded thousands of flights. The system is back up for now but during the time it was down, Schlapp was one of several GOP  operatives and legislator making cheap shots at Buttigieg and by association President Biden for the situation.

Schlapp sent out the following tweet:

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