Thursday, March 10, 2016

'Hitler comparison could harm passage of anti-lgbt 'religious liberty' bill' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Lawmakers blast Georgia Baptist leader for Hitler comparison - A little tip of common sense - if you are trying to get a legislative body to pass an anti-lgbt "religious freedom" bill, it's best not to compare them to Hitler because you think they are moving too slow. Even the most conservative legislators get hot under the collar over it. 

Tony Perkins should open his own bakery - Tony Perkins is fundraising off the ridiculous Aaron and Melissa "Christian bakery" lie. It's been three years and the right continues to tell lies and raise money from it. They definitely get points for milking.  

ENOUGH with the game of lies being played on the lgbt community - The lgbt community has trounced the right when it comes to issues of our basic equality (sexual matters, family, marriage, adoption of children) time after time. Yet, we are still dancing to their tune when they attack us, i.e. us allowing them to control the narrative and language which makes it seem as if we are the persecutors when they are the ones attacking us. I am sick of it. I'm tired of having to explain why I as a gay man deserve basic dignity. The right needs to explain why I shouldn't be afforded that basic human dignity. Of course they will never have to unless we change the game. Will we?  

Tennessee Lawmakers Pursue Legislation Even More Transphobic Than South Dakota’s - Tennessee. Again. Like a lump in a pot of boiling oatmeal.  

Tony Perkins Wrongly Blames Shooting On LGBT Rights Ordinance - Perkins is working double duty on the B.S.