Friday, April 29, 2016

'Fox News running anti-transgender con, anti-Target petition number misleading,' & other Friday midday news briefs

Fox News personality Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly grills Pat McCrory over anti-trans North Carolina law: ‘What is the fear?’ - So Fox News personality Megyn Kelly got NC Gov. McCrory on the hot seat about his bogus law, HB2. Good for her. I'm not impressed and I will tell you why in the summation of the next news brief.

 Seth Meyers Slams Fox News For Pushing Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Myth
- Because, as Seth Myers helps illustrate, for one Megyn Kelly deciding to act like a journalist, there are a myriad of others on Fox News who deliberately push lies. The only person who comes out looking good in the above interview is Megyn Kelly but you ever notice (and if I am wrong, please correct me), Fox News personalities will interview anti-lgbt pastors and pundits like Keith Ablow in one-sided messes, but has YET to have a credible medical professional or even a member of the transgender community on its network. At the very least, since the subject is about the transgender community, one would think that Fox News could have a representative of a transgender organization  once or as many times as it pushes those who are opposed to the transgender community. Don't be fooled by the crumbs of a ridiculous interview created to distract us from how Fox News is running game against us all.

Booker, Murray introduce legislation against ‘ex-gay’ therapy - Oh hell yes!!  

Anti-Gay Counseling Student Sues University Over His Refusal To Follow Professional Ethics - If your religious beliefs interferes with your course of work, maybe you shouldn't be in that course. Standards, which could be the difference between life and death for clients and patients, should not be changed to suit you.  

Media Outlets Are Reporting 1 Million People Are Boycotting Target. Here’s The Truth. - You mean the anti-gay hate group the American Family Association could be misleading people about its anti-Target petition. Well shut my mouth! 

 Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That Target Allowed A Man Into A 'Family Dressing Room' Area - Cause apparently men have nothing to do with families. Yeah, Bryan Fischer is stupid as he sounds.

SC 'bathroom bill' sponsor willing to drag dead bill into budget debate

SC Sen. Lee Bright

South Carolina's anti-transgender "bathroom bill" has died in committee this year but its sponsor, State Sen. Lee Bright, can't seem to take the loss with dignity.

From the Charlotte Observer:

With his bill certain to fail, Bright was planning another way to advance his agenda Wednesday.

When the state budget comes up for debate next week, Bright said he will try to add a proposal to ban state aid to local governments that pass laws requiring businesses to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice. Local governments that require that are telling businesses “how to run their restrooms,” he said.

Bright said he has high hopes that his no-aid proposal will pass. “We’d rather have the full bill, but we’ll take what we can get.”

From the debate and the parties who stood against his bill, including several businesses, one can only assume that Bright has to be in another universe of thought. And it gets even better (or worse):

 Bright said Wednesday he would reintroduce his original transgender bathroom bill next year if he wins re-election. Three Republicans are challenging Bright in the June GOP primary.
“We’re not going to sacrifice the privacy and safety of 99.7 percent of the population because 0.3 percent is confused about their gender identity.”

That statement is also another flight of fancy from Bright.  US Attorney Bill Nettles told the General Committee during testimony that there has been no cases of women being attacked because of men sneaking in bathrooms dressed as women.  Clearly, Sen. Bright needs to accept the fact that he lost this round.

Read more here:

Read more here: said Wednesday he would reintroduce his original transgender bathroom bill next year if he wins re-election. Three Republicans are challenging Bright in the June GOP primary.
“We’re not going to sacrifice the privacy and safety of 99.7 percent of the population because 0.3 percent is confused about their gender identity.”

Read more here:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

SC anti-transgender 'bathroom bill' officially DEAD for this year

A huge coalition brought down Sen. Bright's anti-lgbt bill

And it's officially over.

Jeff Ayers, SC Equality Executive Director, just sent out the following release:

Today was a historic day in South Carolina as Sen. Lee Bright's discriminatory, unnecessary and economically ill-advised "bathroom bill," S.1203, was officially stopped for the year.

Today was the final legislative day before "crossover" in the SC Senate - where a bill needs to make it out of one body in order to be considered by the other body. Because the Senate adjourned for the day without taking up the bill at all, S.1203 is officially dead.

The 'Liberal Redneck' takes on the anti-lgbt Target boycotters and trounces them

I don't know who this Liberal Redneck is, but he makes so much sense that I simply have to feature him. In this NFSW video, he takes on folks boycotting Target for its inclusive bathroom policy:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Colbert skewers 'bathroom bill' supporters as 'weirdos'" & other Wed. midday news briefs

Stephen Colbert Blasts GOP Over Anti-Transgender Bathroom Laws: "You're the Weirdos" - Stephen Colbert "says what we are thinking." Hey, maybe we should elect HIM president. I mean that's how Trump began with the gig. 

North Carolina Republicans Looking to Put HB2 on November Ballot as Constitutional Amendment (Video) - Even my overly cautious nature recognizes just how STUPID this would be for the supporters of this bill. All of the horror stories in the world about "bathroom predators" wouldn't save them. You get folks psyched up on a huge level against a law and THEN allow them to vote. Good luck.  

Alabama City Passes Transgender Bathroom Ordinance - You ever notice how no one ever says how they will enforce this junk? 

 Bill Allowing Therapists to Refuse Service to LGBT People Becomes Law if Governor Doesn't Veto Today - And the battle never ends . . . 

Major News Outlets Fail To Identify The Hate Group Boycotting Target - The main problem in all of this is when the media will not do their job. I guess it's up to us.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SC anti-transgender 'bathroom bill' FAILS to get out of committee, is likely dead

South Carolina's "bathroom bill" is dead at least for now.

The lgbt community of South Carolina and its allies just scored a HUGE victory. A bill which would have forced transgender men and women to use bathrooms and restrooms in accordance to the gender on their birth certificates failed to even get out of committee:

According to the GreenvilleOnline News:

Three GOP senators on the Senate General Committee say they oppose the transgender bathroom bill and a fourth said he is torn, a number which likely means the bill is dead for the year.

Sen. Greg Gregory of Lancaster, Sen. Ray Cleary of Murrell’s Inlet and Sen. Paul Campbell of Goose Creek told The Greenville News Tuesday they are opposed to the bill.

Sen. Lee Bright, the bill’s sponsor, said he needs nine of the 10 GOP members of the 17-member committee to approve it in order for it to advance to the floor. Democrats oppose the bill. If three GOP members oppose it and a fourth is on the fence, the bill cannot come out of committee.

“I don’t think the bill is going anywhere,” Sen. Joel Lourie, a Columbia Democrat and one of the bill’s main opponents, told The News. “I can tell you it’s dead.”

Ever since Bright proposed the bill, which mimics several which have been and are now being discussed across the nation, its passage didn't look to be a sure thing. People on both sides of  the political spectrum voiced opposition to it. Gov. Nikki Haley said that the bill was not needed. Some people were wary of passing the bill because of the severe backlash which North Carolina is now facing over a similar bill it passed, which not only targeted the transgender community, but also prohibited NC cities and towns from passing pro-lgbt non-discrimination ordinances.

Even conservatives & Republicans don't like the anti-lgbt HB2

This video comes from the DNC Rapid Response and features various prominent conservatives and Republicans dropping truth that HB2 is a fraud and a needless bill:

Take note my lgbt brothers and sisters, this is how you win a war. Protesting is a wonderful facet, but it's not the only one. You also have to outmaneuver your opponent.

'NC state senator implores HB2 supporters to 'Keep Our State Straight!'' & other Tue midday news briefs

Buck Newton
NC GOP AG Candidate Tells HB2 Fans: 'Keep Our State Straight!' (VIDEO) - And he, state Sen. Buck Newton, said this at a rally supporting that awful anti-lgbt law, HB2. After spilling all of the lies about "predators in the women's restrooms, he let this Freudian slip come out. It astounds me how folks still think that this issue is about safety rather than anti-lgbt animus and payback because we earned the right to marry. 

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want Any Transgender People In Any Bathroom Anywhere - A history of the escalating anti-transgender rhetoric coming from Ted Cruz, complete with the semantic garbage of transgender folks "imposing their views" on people. Who knew simply needing to use the bathroom was imposing a view.  

Ted Cruz’s claim that Obama is forcing schools to ‘let teenage boys shower with teenage girls’ - The Washington Post says this about Cruz's attack on transgender children - "This is a classic case of a politician using rhetoric to obfuscate and simplify a complex issue" 

 The Newest Opponents Of North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law: Faith Groups - Meanwhile, actual faith groups are standing against HB2. You know, these are the folks who would be interviewed in the media if said media didn't allow the religious right and people like Tony Perkins, Todd Starnes, etc bogart every conversation.  

HB2 'Deeply Unpopular' – New Poll Finds Majority Say Anti-LGBT Law Hurting North Carolina - It's going to be sooooo lovely to see how the religious right, particularly the Family Research Council, stoop in an attempt to refute this poll.

Hundreds protest North Carolina's anti-lgbt HB2

Monday, April 25, 2016

'Anti-gay hate group leader implies violence against transgender women' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Anita Staver, like her husband, is a piece of bad work.

Liberty Counsel President Anita Staver: I’m Taking My Glock .45 To Target To Protect Against Trans People - You know, some people just bring hand sanitizer or air freshener. I'm really not surprised. The Liberty Counsel is one of the main pushers of the false idea of the "transgender bathroom predator" She is merely taking it up a notch. 

Democratic Lawmakers in North Carolina File Bill to Repeal HB 2 – VIDEOS - Keep your fingers crossed. We can only hope NC does the right thing.

 Comparing Ted Cruz to Strom Thurmond - a video exercise - My post from this morning. History's connection between transphobia and racism. 

 Social Conservatives Think This Story Justifies Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws. They Are Very Confused. - Not just a false story, but a perfect example how a new enemy of the lgbt community are right-wing publications automatically given legitimacy as credible publications, legitimacy which doesn't go away no matter how many times they are discovered to be inaccurate. 

 The Push To Deny LGBT Americans Their Basic Rights, Explained - Pay attention . . . 

 Bryan Fischer: Anti-LGBT Officials Are American Heroes, Like Harriet Tubman - Your daily taste of comedy. 

photo courtesy of JoeMyGod.

Comparing Ted Cruz to Strom Thurmond - a video exercise

Isn't it uncanny how Sen. Ted Cruz demeaning the transgender community:

Sounds nauseatingly similar to the late Sen. Strom Thurmond attacking African-Americans while defending segregation:

The point here is not to compare the African-American civil rights movement with the lgbt movement for equality.

 Rather, the point here is to remind folks how it is so easy to appeal to people's fears, hate, and prejudices. Just find a scapegoat and have it.

The formula never changes because, unfortunately, it is so successful.

Friday, April 22, 2016

'Ted Cruz reinvents the depths of sleaze with new anti-trans ad' & other Fri. midday news briefs

WATCH: Ted Cruz Releases New Transphobic Ad Calling Trump The 'PC Police' - I'm going to make this as simple as I can - And with his latest ad which severely demonizes the transgender community, Ted Cruz continues to demonstrates himself to be manipulative, blood-sucking demagogue who doesn't care what lie he tells or who he hurts in pursuit of his goals. Frankly, the nation would be in more danger with him in the White House than a little girl would be in a public restroom with transgender woman.

A little reminder about Cruz's lie:

15 Experts Debunk Right-Wing Transgender Bathroom Myth

National Expert: Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Fears Are "Very Misinformed"

Watch A Transgender Activist Debunk The "Bathroom Predator" Myth On CNN

BTW, have you noticed how Ted Cruz was practically itching to drag the transgender community in his race for president. Remember this from November of last year: Ted Cruz Describes Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter As ‘Transgendered Leftist Activist’

 It Takes A Village To Bully A Transgender Kindergartner - But THIS is what all of that scapegoating leads to.

These Two Moms Share Their Secret To A House Full Of Kids, Love And Happiness - For something more positive . . .

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Curt Schilling's firing exposes right-wing & evangelical Christian hypocrisy

I once said that I would not put the following pic on my blog. I apologize for breaking that vow but a point needs to be made.

The above disgusting pic, along with a vicious anti-transgender rant is the main reason why ESPN fired sportscaster Curt Schilling. As you can see, it's an ugly, paranoid, and very inaccurate take in support of these various "bathroom bills" some state legislators have been attempting to pass.

Of course the figure above is not reflective of a transgender woman. It is the manifestation of anti-transgender hysteria of what a transgender woman would be. It is no more real than the characterizations of African-Americans or Jewish people seen below:

But you can't tell that to conservatives and members of the evangelical right, such as Ted Cruz, Todd Starnes, Sean Hannity, etc. To them, the victim of the entire incident is not the transgender community, who have to deal with yet another person putting their mental and physical health in danger and accusing them of being predators.

Trump opposes HB2, Cruz channels Anita Bryant & other Thur. midday news briefs

Cruz goes into Anita Bryant mode.
Donald Trump criticizes NC leaders over HB2 - I still don't trust him. 

Ted Cruz Bravely Speaks Out Against "Putting Little Girls Alone in a Bathroom With Grown Men" - Meanwhile, Cruz shows his true colors with the deliberate shift to the lie of transgender folk harming children. 

Religious homophobia by the decades - a visual exercise - Now would be a perfect time to spotlight this older post of mine. It gives a visual breakdown of what Cruz is doing.

 National Expert: Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Fears Are "Very Misinformed" - Well duuuuh. But it's still good to repeatedly hear.

  Right-Wing Media Rush To Defend Curt Schilling And Attack ESPN Following Firing For Anti-Trans Facebook Post - The right wing "media" - the same folks who would probably defend lynching postcards (yeah, I said it).

Calls to the Trans Crisis Hotline Have Nearly Doubled Since North Carolina Passed HB2 - A result of HB2? What do you think. 

NC Lt. Gov. Complains Of 'Amazing Smear Campaign...Based On A Bunch Of Lies' - Keep digging that hole.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

SC businesses speak out against anti-transgender bill, sponsor still trying to force it through legislature

So many folks don't want Bright's bill to become law, but he doesn't care.

You can now officially mark various South Carolina businesses in the column with Gov. Haley, the lgbt community, Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, the mayors from Greenwood, Florence, and Columbia, and US attorney Bill Nettles,  and various others opposing State Sen. Lee Bright's anti-transgender "bathroom bill."

According to the Wednesday edition of  The State newspaper:

A dozen S.C. business groups sent a letter Tuesday to the General Assembly asking legislators to halt consideration of a controversial Senate bill that would ban transgender men and women from using the bathrooms of their choice.

“The Palmetto State has built a reputation as a welcoming place for world-class companies to call home. People are taking notice of South Carolina for all the right reasons,” said the letter signed by “The South Carolina Business Community.” If the bill moves forward, “make no mistake that it will have direct impact on South Carolina jobs and job prospects.”

North Carolina has been hit with boycotts by businesses and musical acts since passing a similar law last month.

 The groups signing Tuesday’s letter included statewide organizations — the S.C. Chamber of Commerce, S.C. Manufacturers Alliance, S.C. Economic Developers Association and S.C. Hospital Association — as well as chambers of commerce in Charleston, Clemson, Columbia, Greenville, Greenwood, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and Spartanburg.

Unfortunately, Sen. Bright, the bill's sponsor, seems to be deliberately oblivious to this letter as he was to the emotional testimony (particularly from transgender youth) against the bill  in committee last week or Gov. Haley's disapproval of the bill.

'SC legislator attempting to sneak anti-transgender bill out of committee' & other Wed. midday news briefs

SC Sen. Lee Bright is trying to salvage his transphobic bill

From SC Equality comes the news that SC Senator Lee Bright is attempting to sneak his unpopular anti-transgender bill through via secret vote:

Now, according to The Greenville News, Senator Bright is going to attempt to "poll" the bill out of Committee by having the Chairman issue a secret poll vote that is not done in public. That the Committee would hold two days of public testimony, inflaming thousands across our state, moving people to tears and shocking our nation and then not even vote on the bill publicly is nothing short of unconscionable.

Seems to me that if the bill is "needed" as Bright has claimed, he wouldn't be attempting to provide cover for legislators to secretly vote for it.  What can South Carolinians and others concerned do about it? Go here and SC Equality will direct you to what you need to do.

In other news:

As a trans man in North Carolina, I always felt safe. Until this new law passed. - This stunning piece by a North Carolina transgender man on how HB2 will alter his life is stirring.

Federal Court Tells Lawmakers To Shut Up And Deal With Trans People In Bathrooms - Just in case you didn't hear, the courts have come again to push sanity in the argument of lgbt equality by standing by a trans student.

Despite Marriage Victory, Fear of Backlash Looms Large for LGBTQ Americans - Well duh. Progress scares some folks. Every movement for equality has had to endure a backlash.  And all of this "bathroom bill/religious liberty" madness is a direct result of our marriage equality victory. The main thing is to not sit there and let it happen. Fight, dammit!

AFA's Rob Chambers Blames Criticism of Anti-LGBT Laws On Satan - Aw hell, isn't that their excuse for everything?

Desperate conservatives embrace ridiculous anti-transgender video

I told myself I wouldn't post on this, but it has to be seen to be believed.

This guy on youtube, who is supposed to be popular but I've never heard of him, named Joey Salads created a video experiment which he claims demonstrates that transgender women using the ladies restroom is not a good idea because women are uncomfortable around them.

From what I understand, some conservatives are giving him many props for the above video. When I look at it, I have to ask why.

I don't think it's real. I apologize to those whom this may offend but it has to been seen. It's the most ridiculous video I have seen in a long time (even more than the suburban white mother putting out an anti-transgender rap video) and most of all, it emphasizes the ignorance and fear people have about the transgender community.

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how absolutely insane this video is and the mindset of anyone who believes it to be accurate.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pat Boone upset over SNL parody of 'anti-Christian persecution' movie

According to Mediaite, Christian singer and actor Pat Boone is absolutely furious over the Saturday Night Live sketch which aired last week.

The sketch made fun of the idea that Christians are being "persecuted" in America and "religious liberty" laws via a parody of the now playing movie God's Not Dead 2:

 Boone talked to The Hollywood Reporter about it, and he was not amused by the supposedly anti-Christian satire.
“Something can be devilishly funny, but this skit is diabolical. God has only one real enemy — Satan. Satan ridicules faith, and they’re taking Satan’s side.
Boone went on to say that God has a sense of humor and that he used to enjoy SNL in the past, but the show’s new parody and recent “filthy” programming have crossed the line for him. He also called anti-semitism on the show for having a Jewish lawyer represent the gay couple as they try to stuff the gay agenda down the baker’s throat.

“This skit was outright sacrilege. They know if they did this to Muslims they’d have to be put into the witness protection program,” Boone said. “There’s nothing sacred at SNL, except maybe the words ‘Mohammad’ or ‘Allah.’ They’d never take those names in vain, but when they called God a ‘boob man,’ they took his name in vain.”

Of course in his eagerness to play the "they wouldn't dare do that to Muslims" card, Boone failed to note that, unlike Muslims in this country, evangelicals like himself are bringing mockery on themselves by their ridiculous persecution complexes fueled by what seems to an inaccurate idea of entitlement, i.e. this country is their birthright and the rest of us who don't believe as they do are only here because of their will and pleasure.

Boone and company are the ones making asses of themselves. SNL is merely pointing out that fact.

' Raleigh, NC has lost $3 million because of HB2' & other Tue midday news briefs

Raleigh Bureau: $3 Million Lost in LGBT Law Cancellations - So aside from the boycotts from businesses and entertainers like Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, etc, we see that the city of Raleigh has lost $3 million tourism dollars because of HB2. To be truthful, I don't like to hear about these money losses. It's sad that people in the state have to suffer because of the deliberate ignorance of their elected officials. But war is hell and the lgbt community certainly didn't start this one. 

Transgender Bathroom Bill Fails in Tennessee Legislature - Victory in Tennessee for now. But don't uncork the champagne. Be ready for this noxious bill to come up again. And be ready to defeat it again.  

Family Research Council blaming media for disastrous defenses of anti-lgbt laws - My post from last night which deserves repeating, particularly this part - "Lastly, I want to mention that talking point of painting those who oppose HB2 as hypocrites because they don't speak out against those (such as Bruce Springsteen, Paypal, etc.) who supposedly do business in countries which have awful human rights records against lgbts. FRC until just recently itself utilized Paypal to garner donations. The organization only began figuratively declaring war on Paypal after the organization boycotted NC. Also, how can FRC cry foul over any country's negative human rights record against lgbts, seeing that it once vouched support for Uganda's anti-lgbt laws."  

The North Carolina bathroom bill could trigger a health crisis among transgender youth, research shows - A main reason why these awful "bathroom bills" gets me angry. Don't $#@! with the children.

 Christian Attorney Trying To Marry His MacBook - Pathetically attempting to prove a nonexistent point.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Family Research Council blaming media for disastrous defenses of anti-lgbt laws

FRC's Tony Perkins is blaming the media for a bad weekend.

The Family Research Council is playing a game of defense for the anti-lgbt laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi.

In spite of a disastrous weekend featuring two interviews in which NC Gov. Pat McCrory bungled a one-on-one on Meet The Press and FRC president Tony Perkins himself got called out by the interviewer for his homophobia, FRC still wants to live in a universe where these discriminatory laws are right and the  "left" are going after them with lies. And how does the organization do this? By playing the "biased liberal media" card:

 It's amazing with technology like ours that people still refuse to take a few minutes to read for themselves a bill like North Carolina's. With the facts just a click away, there's no excuse for the liberal media to continue misrepresenting H.B. 2. Yet that's exactly what they're doing -- almost a month after Governor Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) signed the bill into law. Unfortunately, the truth about the measure -- that it gives businesses the freedom to set their own bathroom policies -- doesn't fit the Left's narrative. So they ignore it.
Just yesterday on NBC's "Meet the Press," Chuck Todd took his interview with McCrory down a familiar path, distorting the most basic aspects of the law. "Does it bother you," Todd said at one point, "that basically North Carolina and Mississippi is the only other state to side with you on this?" For starters, McCrory stopped him, Mississippi passed a religious liberty law -- not a privacy measure. Secondly, he fired back, a lot more states agree with North Carolina than don't. "This is not just a North Carolina debate. This is a national debate that's just come on in literally the last three months... We have 29 states that also don't have this type of mandate on private business, including the state of New York [one of its most vocal opponents]."

'Ted Cruz badly dodges lgbt equality question & other Mon. midday news briefs

Don't let this man in the White House.
WATCH: Ted Cruz Tells Married Gay NYC GOP Voter the Only Protection He Needs Is Religious Liberty - Creepy Cruz strikes again. If this man gets anywhere NEAR the White House, I'm building my own closet in which to reside. I fear the one he has envisioned for me and folks like me. 

As Backlash To Anti-LGBT Law In North Carolina Rises, Some Musicians Will Perform As Planned - And their reasonings are wonderful. I totally support what they are doing.

  Kasich: LGBT people who face discrimination should ‘get over it’ - No comment. It's too close to me coming from church (which was yesterday).

  State proposals on LGBTQ rights push businesses into the spotlight - Because money is money . . . honey.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Interviewer nails Tony Perkins on 'religious liberty' lies & basic homophobia

NC Gov. Pat McCrory wasn't the only one over the weekend tripping over himself in a sad attempt to defend anti-lgbt discrimination. Anti-lgbt hate group head Tony Perkins (of the Family Research Council) found himself attempting to defend Mississippi's law which allows businesses to deny services to lgbts. Although he tried to make it seem that it "merely" protects those who do not agree with gay marriage equality, the person interviewing him, Fernando Espuelas, wasn't letting him get away with that subterfuge. Espuelas allows Perkins to make his case and then points out the fallacies. Most importantly, Espeulas demonstrates that there is nothing wrong with an interviewer calling out a guest's homophobia instead of creeping around it:

 From Crooks and Liars

Internet pioneer and television host Fernando Espuelas called out Family Research Council President Tony Perkins over the weekend for supporting anti-LGBT laws throughout the U.S. "specifically" for the purpose of discriminating against minority groups.
On his Matter of Fact talk show, Espuelas noted that Perkins had supported multiple co-called "religious freedom" laws in the past and was currently backing a North Carolina law limiting the bathroom rights of transgender people.

Perkins argued that the North Carolina law was a "public safety bill," and that broader laws in states like Mississippi prevented the government from "penalizing" Christians for refusing to serve LGBT people.
Espuelas, however, pointed out that "the idea that someone who has a business license can then discriminate against one group or another is something that was put to rest in the 1960s."

"We're talking about forcing someone to take their creative ability, their talent and force them," Perkins insisted. "This is almost forced servitude, saying that you have to be a part of this or the state is going to punish you."

"That's essentially the same argument as segregation," Espuelas stated.

Perkins disagreed: 'We're talking about marriage. That is a sacred institution. Just three years ago the president had the same view."

"But he didn't have the view that people should be discriminated against," Espuelas said. "How is it not discrimination if you pick one group, a specific group of people and have different rights for them? How is that not discrimination?"

Friday, April 15, 2016

Religious homophobia by the decades - a visual exercise




2010 and onward:

Same stories. Just different scapegoats.

Whether offensively showcased by rabid homophobes like Peter LaBarbera or Tony Perkins or slickly alluded to and implied with "religious liberty" and "bathroom bill" laws and  politicians like NC Gov. Pat McCrory or Sen. Ted Cruz,  it all adds up to the same thing.


And it wont stop until lgbts make it a point to take it seriously enough to declare war on it. 

Connect the dots and remind everyone about the continuum.

GLSEN Day of Silence 2016 - Whose side are you on?

Editor's note - Due to a work emergency, today's news briefs may not be posted.

Today is the annual GLSEN Day of Silence in which students across the nation bring attention to the problem of anti-lgbt bullying in schools. This year is very poignant because lgbts, particularly transgender students, are being targeted with awful "religious liberty" and "bathroom legislation" around the country.

With that in mind, the following video asks a very pertinent question.

Whose side are you on?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

'Anti-lgbt backlash facing its own backlash?' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Conservative lawmakers drive backlash against LGBT rights - Don't let the title of this article fool you. It goes into detail about how the conservative backlash to lgbt equality itself is facing a backlash from businesses. And the article features our lovely SC situation. 

Hundreds of CEOs Move Million-Dollar Conference Out of North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Law - Like so . . .  

Tennessee Governor Skeptical Of Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill - Keep your fingers crossed. This could end up in our favor. 

 How Journalists Are Grappling With The Rampant "Bathroom Bill" Misinformation In North Carolina - And not just in North Carolina. 

Mississippi Gov. Claims New Anti-LGBT Law Just Balances The Scales Of Justice - First of all, being interviewed by an anti-lgbt hate group isn't a good idea. We've got lots of work to do in Mississippi if the governor actually believes this trash.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Opponents of SC anti-transgender bill outnumbered, outflanked supporters

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin testified against Bright's bill.

The State newspaper is describing today's subcommittee hearing on that awful anti-transgender bill proposed by SC Sen. Lee Bright as one in which opponents of the bill outnumbered those who favored it.

In truth, it was downright embarrassing for supporters of the bill. Aside from a letter from Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, testimony from former State Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum, the mayors from Greenwood, Florence, and Columbia, and US attorney Bill Nettles all opposing the bill, the crowd, which overflowed out of the room, heard from two transgender teens who would be affected should the bill become law:

Grayson, 13, and Dex, 13, sat before Bright and his fellow committee members during Wednesday's hearing.
Grayson, a female-to-male transitioning teen, recounted his story of having to go to the nurse's bathroom to avoid having to answer questions about his identity.

"All I want is to be able to use the men's restroom with the rest of my non-transgender peers, but this doesn't happen and it won't happen if this bill is passed," Grayson said. "The people introducing this bill are victimizing the innocent. When I enter a men's bathroom, I just want to use the facilities, wash my hands and leave. I do not deserve to have my gender identity washed away like a fingerprint on a windowpane. I do not deserve to have the person I am replaced by someone I don't want to be. I do not deserve to be forced to use a restroom where I do not feel safe."

Grayson also called out supporters of the bill, saying none of them understood what it was like to prove themselves and who they are constantly.

"We were brought into this world to live, not to be targeted by people who don't know what it's like to be born in a shell that doesn't match your interior spirit," Grayson said.
Supporting the bill were fewer witnesses, including former Richland County Councilman Cameron Runyan. And while the subcommittee hearing was going on, USC students held a rally outside the State House against the bill.

Unfortunately, according to WIS-TV, the testimony against the bill did not move Bright.

 "I am sympathetic," Bright said. "There are situations addressed in the bill that if someone wants to change their sex, they can change it if they want to do that, but I think if a woman and a female child want to use the restroom, then they shouldn't have to deal with the fact that a man has a right to walk in there because he identifies as that gender that day."  

A local blog, FitsNews, gave a theory as to why Bright is pushing the bill. And this theory has nothing to do with public safety. The site claims that Bright is in a tough re-election and it attempting to shore up the conservative base:

Bright’s proposed “Bathroom Bill” isn’t about his moral convictions regarding transgenders. Nor is it about any issue or ideology.  It’s about a vulnerable State Senator looking to collect data and raise money for his upcoming reelection fight – while shoring up his socially conservative (far) right flank.
There is more testimony to be heard tomorrow. But according to The State, the bill has little chance of becoming law. An opponent, Sen. Joel Lourie has vowed to do whet he can to kill the bill via procedure. In addition, Gov. Nikki Haley has also said she doesn't support the bill.

'SC anti-transgender bill faces tough subcommittee hearing' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Sen. Lee Bright's anti-transgender bill is facing a bruising subcommittee

Editor's note - The subcommittee hearing on that awful anti-transgender bill in South Carolina will be wrapping up soon and I no doubt will have a report to go on about it later. But from reading twitter updates, this hearing is seriously the most lopsided thing I've seen since that movie 'Bambi vs. Godzilla.' Just call the lgbt community 'Godzilla.' They brought three mayors, a former secretary of Education, a US attorney AND transgender South Carolinians and their families to all testify against the bill. It doesn't matter whether or not the bill may have been doomed from the get-go. South Carolina's lgbt community, leaders, and allies deserve special praise for not coming to the hearing without their "A game" and also bringing a "Dream Team." What they did is a perfect example of what the lgbt community needs to do when faced with lies and inequality . . . every time.

 Transgender teen and mother advocate for rights - Two of the heroes from today's subcommittee meeting in Columbia, SC.

 SC House leader says no time for transgender bill - Because one of the sponsors is chairman of today's subcommittee, the bill is expected to go to full committee. And there it may just die for a number of reasons. I ain't celebrating until it's officially dead. 

University of North Carolina may be violating Obama’s LGBT order - More trouble for North Carolina. Good 

The Surprising Sexual Harassment Scandal Accompanying Tennessee’s Anti-Transgender Bill - A sad but rich irony about the one of the sponsor's of Tenneesee's anti-transgender bill. 

 China Rejects Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Case - Don't stop. Don't give up.  

Bryan Fischer: Bryan Adams Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Law - I suppose this makes sense in Bryan Fischer's bizarro world.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sponsor of SC anti-transgender bill taking hits from both parties

Sen. Lee Bright is catching flack from all sides for his transphobic bill.

In reading the following news report from news channel WYFF4 NBC I think it would be safe to assume the anti-transgender bill proposed in South Carolina by Sen. Lee Bright is very unpopular.

Are you sitting down? If so, then proceed to read:

The three Republican candidates who are vying for Sen. Lee Bright's state senate seat in District 12 are using Bright's recently introduced "Bathroom Bill" as ammunition against him.

 "I do not believe the bill is needed here in South Carolina," businessman and Senate candidate David McCraw said during a news conference. "I agree with the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce when they said, 'Sen. Bright is trying to create a political crisis that doesn't exist to save his political career.'"
Bright's bill, S. 1203, would assign the use of bathrooms according to "biological sex" instead of gender identification. It would prevent local governments from creating ordinances that allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice.

Other candidates who are running for Bright's seat also oppose his bill.

"The transgender bathroom ordinance being pushed by special interests has no place in South Carolina," Republican Senate candidate Scott Talley said. "While I agree with Senator Bright in opposing a transgender bathroom ordinance, his proposed law is redundant and unnecessary."

"We don't want to do anything to jeopardize economic development in South Carolina," Republican Senate candidate Lisa Cooley Scott said. "(Bright) is jumping on the bandwagon to grab headlines, because he has done nothing in the Senate."

A Senate committee hearing on the bill is Wednesday morning and according to ABC News Channel 6, a Democrat Senator, Joel Lourie, said that he will do everything in his power to block it.

That should be interesting, seeing that the chair of the committee, Sen. Kevin Bryant, a co-sponsor of the bill, said that he intends to advance the bill forward even if the subcommittee doesn't approve.

The irony of that is all of this bickering could be moot. Gov. Nikki Haley has already said that the bill is not needed in South Carolina and the speculation is that if the bill is passed, she may veto it.

Nevertheless, regardless of the reasons why (and many of them definitely aren't noble), I never thought I would EVER live to see the day when Republicans in South Carolina attack another Republican for being unnecessarily mean to the lgbt community.

Related post -  Opponents of SC anti-transgender bill outnumbered, outflanked supporters

'SC legislator determined to push anti-trans bill through committee in spite of unpopularity' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Sen. Kevin Bryant is determined to push an unpopular bill through

Bryant says transgender bill to advance regardless - So in spite of tomorrow's hearing on that awful anti-transgender bill in South Carolina, Sen. Kevin Bryant, chairman of the Senate General Committee, is determined to push it through EVEN IF the subcommittee does not approve it. It means two things - this bill is not popular with hardly anyone including Gov. Haley and such an action would shift the public perception that the bill is needed for safety. If the bill needed for safety, then why would there be a need to force it through. 

Hearing puts spotlight on SC transgender bathroom bill - And speaking of tomorrow morning's hearing, forget the hype about Superman vs. Batman because THIS is going to be the event. Those opposing the bill will include Steve Benjamin, the mayor of Columbia. And who are supporting the anti-transgender bill have acknowledged hat there have been no reports of women's safety being jeopardized. That's probably why Sen Bryant going to attempt to force it through.

 N.C. Rep. Billy Richardson: I was wrong to vote for HB2 - A bit too late for North Carolina, don't you think?  

Deutsche Bank Won’t Expand In North Carolina Because Of Anti-LGBT Law - A bit too late.  

Tennessee Passes Anti-LGBT Counseling Bill - If the Gov signs this bill, medical health professionals will be able to reject lgbt patients because of "religious beliefs." This is why the religious right won't tell where the line has to be drawn with these so-called "religious liberty" laws. They want to get away with as much as they can. One wonders how they are going to spin this one.

The Conservative Argument Against Same-Sex Parenting Just Fell Apart - Meanwhile . . .

Monday, April 11, 2016

How Fox News contributed to Mississippi's anti-lgbt law

The above video from Media Matters reminds us of an important factor in the passage of that awful anti-lgbt law in Mississippi - A propaganda network with no accountability which peddled in the false "Christian are being persecuted" argument while simultaneously featuring anti-gay talking heads and giving them the ability to spout lies without challenge or debate.

Or as we call it, Fox News:

 Fox News has long touted the stories of a handful of anti-gay photographers, bakers, and florists who refused to provide services to same-sex couples and were then sued for violating nondiscrimination ordinances. In regular segments that Fox dubs the “Fight for Faith,” the network often sides with for-profit businesses -- like an Idaho wedding chapel -- to claim that the Christian business owners are being persecuted by the government or LGBT activists . . .

Fox News employees have even written books devoted to the anti-LGBT Christian persecution myth. In 2014,Fox News’ anti-gay mouthpiece and serial misinformer Todd Starnes went on a publicity tour for his book God Less America, which details “real stories from the frontlines of the attack on traditional values.” This February, Fox News contributor and prominent conservative media figure Erick Erickson released a book You Will Be Made To Care, The War on Faith, Family And Your Freedom To Believe, which explores how the "leftist-homosexual mafia" is waging a "war on Christians.” Conservative media’s misinformation campaign framing Christians as “victims” of discrimination is part of a larger effort by anti-LGBT activists seeking to pass “religious freedom” laws. With Fox News providing the “Fight for Faith” stories to lay the groundwork for laws like Mississippi’s, anti-LGBT organizations can continue their national push for laws that protect anti-LGBT discrimination. 

So after we defeat the laws like the one in Mississippi - and we will - what are we going to about Fox News? And wistful thoughts of their male personalities being caught on their knees in public restrooms is not an option. So please don't introduce that as some type of solution.

'Franklin Graham willing to deceive to legislate morality' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Graham willing to lie to legislate morality

'Nation Embracing Sin': Franklin Graham Goes on Twitter Rant to Defend North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law - Franklin Graham is a demagogue and a dangerous fool, but he has just done the lgbt community a favor with his egotistical tweets. Here is the question and it will be addressed in court - if you feel that something is a sin (in this case being an lgbt), is it right to create a false moral panic, lies, and laws to suppress said "sin?" Graham seems to think yes. With no proof that women and girls would be harmed by transgender folks using bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender identity they define for themselves and with no way of explaining why should lgbts be denied anti-discrimination protection, that should be the question we need to demand from the courts. 

Bryan Adams Follows In Springsteen’s Footsteps, Cancels Mississippi Gig - First Bruce Springsteen. Now Bryan Adams. Some may not agree with their cancellations, but they are very necessary.  

Anti-LGBT group from U.S. holds Barbados conference - Reason why have to start taking these folks seriously. If you are, then educate others. Worldwide groups with many connections and lots of money whose goal is the suppression of lgbt equality. Would be a James Bond movie if it weren't true.  

Ted Cruz Is 'Honored' To Have The Support Of Colorado's Demon-Hunting, Anti-Gay Exorcist State Legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt - Another reason Ted Cruz shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the White House. Not even to use the toilet.  

A Trans Woman’s Coworkers Threw Her A Party After She Came Out To Them - A reminder about the power of good in the world.

Friday, April 08, 2016

'Transgender children speak out against 'bathroom bills'' & other Fri. midday news briefs

The ONLY good thing about these bathroom bills is that it gives transgender folks, particularly our kids, a chance to speak out and educate.  

How Our Complacency Led Mississippi to Pass An Anti-LGBT Hate Law on Steroids - Before you get defensive, let me ask you something. How many of you know that there are so-called pro-family groups in over 40 states? The point is every victory we get is no time to stop because with every loss the other side receives, they are already planning payback.

 The Laughable Incompetence Of Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Lawmakers - Yep. They screwed up royally.

 10 Things You Wanted To Know About HIV But Were Too Afraid To Ask - Education never hurts.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

SC Senator verbally eviscerates colleague for proposing anti-lgbt bill

Yesterday I posted about the plans of SC Republican State Senator Lee Bright  to introduce an anti-lgbt bill similar to the one passed recently in North Carolina. For now, it doesn't look like the bill is very popular. Gov. Nikki Haley (a Republican) has already voiced her disapproval of it. And today, Bright's bill was practically eviscerated on the Senate floor by Democrat Sen. Marlon Kimpson.

Kimpson didn't hold a thing back:

Kimpson, a Democrat, took to the floor of the Senate Thursday to complain about gun reform bills not getting a hearing but then directed his frustration at a bill introduced by Sen. Lee Bright, a Spartanburg County Republican.

"Yesterday South Carolina sank to a new low," he told the Senate. "We're going to have the Lee Bright genitalia patrol for bathrooms in South Carolina. That is the most blatant form of intrusion, of discrimination of sexual orientation.  Now we are becoming the laughing stock in the nation because we are joining North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi."

 . . . Kimpson said Bright's bill has generated a hashtag, #peewithlee  which is making "a mockery of the state."

"A transgender person should use the restroom that corresponds to his or her gender identity," he said. "Under peewithlee's Bright's bill, we're now going to have the genitalia bill now checking birth certificates at the restroom door. I can't imagine a more ridiculous bill."

According to GreenvilleOnline, the bill has a dim chance of passing. Let's cross our fingers.

'Family Research Council wants you to boycott Paypal except for when . . .' other Thur. midday news briefs

Tennessee Lawmakers Just Passed a Bill That Would Allow Therapists to Refuse to Treat Gay Clients - NOT a good thing for us but mostly not them. I once said that the other side will not say how far should "religious liberty" should go because they want to get away with as much discrimination as they can. This should prove it. 

Will South Carolina follow? Not likely with Haley in charge - More on SC's attempt to follow North Carolina's lead in passing an awful anti-lgbt bill. Further prediction that Republican Gov. Nikki Haley may be a stumbling block on the bill because of the negative economic blow back NC has been receiving. 

 Anti-gay group tells supporters to boycott PayPal… can you guess what they use to take donations? - Angry at Paypal eliminating an expansion in NC because of the state's new anti-lgbt law, the Family Research Council urges a boycott of Paypal . . . that is unless you are using the service to give the Family Research Council a donation. 

 Charles Barkley Urges NBA To Move All-Star Game From North Carolina Due To Anti-LGBT Law - Sweeet!  

Anti-LGBT Activists Mobilize To Protest 'Satanic' Day Of Silence - Ah yes, pivot the "they want your children" message. 

Even More Executives Come Forward To Defend LGBT Rights - As nauseous as this backlash is, it could actually work in the favor of the lgbt community. We are able to create a dialogue on our issues, particularly issues involving our transgender brothers and sisters. Plus, the false mask of piety is slowly slipping off of the face of our opposition, revealing their base nastiness.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

SC senator trying to steer state down NC's path with anti-lgbt bill

SC Sen. Lee Bright just don't like gay folks

With its neighboring state of North Carolina catching all sorts of negative publicity and boycotts because of recently passed anti-lgbt law, one would think that South Carolina would steer far from that territory.

Unfortunately, those of us who live in SC know our legislators. Particular one state senator, Lee Bright.

From The Free Times:

South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright has filed a bill similar to a new North Carolina law that bars transgender people from using the bathroom associated with their gender identity.

Like the North Carolina law, Bright’s bill would also prevent cities and counties from passing any laws of their own to protect transgender people’s use of the bathroom. North Carolina’s law arose as a response to a City of Charlotte ordinance.

Bright’s bill would force schools and state government to require people only to use the bathrooms and locker rooms associated with their "biological sex," which the bill defines as "the physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person's birth certificate."

North Carolina has already seen serious fallout from HB2, with PayPal dropping plans to expand in the state and the NCAA saying it might not hold future tournaments there. A lawsuit against HB2 has already been filed.

In comments about the bill on the Senate floor, Bright said he was upset North Carolina was "getting so much grief" over HB2.

"Apparently PayPal has shown its support for pedophiles by wanting them to go into bathrooms," Bright said. "Men and women in public places sharing bathrooms is just beyond me. ... I've about had enough of this. I mean, years ago we kept talking about tolerance, tolerance and tolerance, and now they want men who claim to be women to go in the bathroom with children. And you got corporations who say this is OK."

Bright's statement is full of lies and his bill puts SC in dangerous position. But us lgbt South Carolinians have come to expect that from Bright. He just flat out doesn't like us. So much so that he can twist any situation into an attack on us.

Last year, after the terrible shooting at an African-American church in Charleston by a young racist which led to the deaths and injury of 10 people, including another state senator, the SC Legislature began steps remove the Confederate flag from the State House grounds. It was a way for the state to symbolically heal after so many years of racial strife punctuated by that singular awful incident in Charleston.

Someone forgot to tell this to Sen. Bright. In an opening speech during the session to decide the fate of the flag, he not only railed against removing it, but also attempted to shift the conversation by demanding that South Carolina do something to "stop the sin" of gay marriage before the nation is destroyed.

The following video leads me to ask just who is more of a danger to South Carolina - transgender men and women who only want some semblance of dignity and peace while conducting their lives. Or THIS GUY:

UPDATE - SC Gov. Nikki Haley has just come out against this bill:

 "We passed a law back in 1999 that dealt with religious liberty and it basically reflected the federal law, and it works just fine," Haley said. "In South Carolina, we are blessed because we don't have to mandate respect or kindness or responsibility in this state, and that law has worked perfectly."