Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Colbert skewers 'bathroom bill' supporters as 'weirdos'" & other Wed. midday news briefs

Stephen Colbert Blasts GOP Over Anti-Transgender Bathroom Laws: "You're the Weirdos" - Stephen Colbert "says what we are thinking." Hey, maybe we should elect HIM president. I mean that's how Trump began with the gig. 

North Carolina Republicans Looking to Put HB2 on November Ballot as Constitutional Amendment (Video) - Even my overly cautious nature recognizes just how STUPID this would be for the supporters of this bill. All of the horror stories in the world about "bathroom predators" wouldn't save them. You get folks psyched up on a huge level against a law and THEN allow them to vote. Good luck.  

Alabama City Passes Transgender Bathroom Ordinance - You ever notice how no one ever says how they will enforce this junk? 

 Bill Allowing Therapists to Refuse Service to LGBT People Becomes Law if Governor Doesn't Veto Today - And the battle never ends . . . 

Major News Outlets Fail To Identify The Hate Group Boycotting Target - The main problem in all of this is when the media will not do their job. I guess it's up to us.

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