Tuesday, July 12, 2022

'She's a phony' - Political ad knocks GOP candidate Kari Lake over her drag queen controversy


 Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake used to claim to be a friend of the LGBTQ community and a fan of drag queens. But since announcing her candidacy, Ms. Lake has made a 90 degree turn, even so much as to amplify the lie that drag queens are trying to "indoctrinate" or "groom" children. 

That didn't go unanswered. Lake was called out by a former friend and a drag queen, Richard Stevens, who came with receipts. And this political ad courtesy of The American Focus PAC calls attention to Lake's particular hypocrisy in that area. As well as general changes in her political position. 

Editor's note - I don't know if the American Focus PAC is a left-wing or right-wing group. If it's right-wing, I say let them fight and enjoy it.

'Politico article claims religious right tried to influence three SCOTUS justices through meals & entertainment' & other Tue midday news briefs

Along with the late Antonin Scalia, the religious right have been engaging in an extensive program to influence two other SCOTUS justices through meals and entertainment. Guess who they are?

‘Operation Higher Court’: Inside the religious right’s efforts to wine and dine Supreme Court justices​ - We need to recognize that all of this stuff we've been doing over the years was merely preliminary. It was a prelude to this. The religious right wants to redo America in it's image. The battle over LGBTQ equality - which they have been losing - was only a small battle in a big war. THAT war is now here

Man sues library board over LGBTQ & antiracism books. He has the nuttiest argument possible. - And he hasn't read any of the books. But of course he hasn't. 

 14 LGBTQ+ Pride Celebrations Held in Rural or Small-Town America - Cause it's not just about the big cities, y'all. We are everywhere.

Is the word 'women' being erased from the abortion rights movement? - With all due respect, I hope that women don't buy that nonsense that they are being erased. It's not true. It's like a gender version of that racist replacement theory.