Wednesday, June 12, 2013

'Disowned gay man rocks judges, audience on 'America's Got Talent'' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Man Disowned by Parents for Being Gay Blows Roof Off 'America's Got Talent': VIDEO - A sad story with a thus far happy ending. I say thus far because it's up to the young man to continue to work towards his potential. 
Marriage Equality Opponents Claim Banning Same-Sex Marriage ‘Bans Nothing’ - Not surprising. They get paid big bucks for the shuck and jive.  

LGBTs to protest Madigan over marriage shortfall - Other than some encouragement, I have been relatively silent on the situation about Illinois and how the lgbt community there failed (thus far) to pass marriage equality. But now I will say this - stop the damn self-cannibalization. Stop wasting time pointing fingers. Start preparing for the next time. Attaining equality is not supposed to be easy and you will fail sometimes. It's how you bounce back - if at all - which say a lot. 

 Church Sign Welcomes Boy Scouts After Gay Ban Is Lifted - Major kudos to this church.

Pat Robertson: Gays wanting to force acceptance for sexual activity

As ignorant as this comment is, you would be surprised how many people - some who will no doubt claim that they have gay friends - espouse this point of view.