Thursday, June 09, 2016

'Trump starting to play 'kissy face' with anti-lgbt activists

Donald Trump Cozies Up To Anti-LGBT Activists - And here we go . . .

 Here’s how Trump could undermine LGBT rights - It's a plausible scenario. The only thing for sure is that nothing is for sure.

 Charles Barkley: 'We Need to Move the All-Star Game' Because of HB2 - Probably won't happen for now but let's keep up the pressure.

U.S. Saves Gay Man From Being Killed By His Anti-Gay Terrorist Family - The struggle and dangers are universal.

 James Dobson: Trans-Inclusive Bathroom Policies Violate Levitical Prohibition On Prostituting Your Daughter - Say what . . .

TBT - Anita Bryant rails against gays in 1978

For those too young to remember and the rest of us too old to forget, former beauty queen Anita Bryant was the first to demonstrate the power of anti-lgbt propaganda and stereotypes in legislative fights over lgbt equality. It wasn't just Dade County in Florida where she did this. Bryant undertook a nationwide campaign which saw some success before it eventually collapsed on her. Check out the above clips and note the language and semantics she and her supporters use. See how similar it is to the anti-lgbt propaganda being used now, particularly the invectives thrown against the transgender community.