Thursday, September 27, 2018

'The Golden Girls' for this terrible day on Capitol Hill

If you, like me, felt that this was a horrendous day because of that Kavanaugh hearing on Capitol Hill, enjoy the brief but wicked clip above from The Golden Girls. Yes it includes a wild gay stereotype, but that's why I posted it. It's still funny and in this case, consider it like indulging in a guilty pleasure - you know you shouldn't but the day warrants a little kicking up of the heels.

'Congress turns back anti-LGBTQ adoption amendment' & other Thur midday news briefs

Congress does good by same-sex families for a change.

Editor's note - UGLY days because of a nasty hearing that conservatives and the LGBTQ industry doesn't want. They want to push their SCOTUS nominee on the courts so he can get busy changing the laws to suit their twisted vision of America. Who cares about investigating his alleged sexual assault victims. And apparently Sen. Grassley thinks that there will be a MVAH -Most Valuable Asshole - trophy awarded at the end of the hearing. Nevertheless, I will continue to do my daily blogging duties.

Congress Turns Back Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Amendment - Well at least Congress can do good things instead of badgering witnesses: 

The amendment, named for its author, U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt of Alabama, would have allowed faith-based agencies to turn away prospective parents who posed a conflict with an agency’s religious doctrine, whether by being LGBTQ, single, a member of a different faith, or another factor. It was similar to laws passed by some states, including, recently, Kansas and Oklahoma. It “also required states to allow foster care and adoption agencies to deny a broad range of child welfare services to foster children based on religious or moral beliefs, cutting their funding if they did not comply,” notes the Family Equality Council’s press release. 
Amandla Stenberg Says She Wants More Black, Gay On-Screen Narratives - You and ME BOTH, girlfriend!  

The GOP isn’t concerned about a cisgender sexual abuser but still says trans women are predators - So true!! 

Historic Number Of LGBTQ Candidates Won Primaries In 2018 Midterms - I covered the fact that a lot of LGBTQ candidates ran but I didn't know that a huge number won.