Monday, January 09, 2012

Liberty Counsel accusing Macy's of covering up sexual assaults

In its continuing war against Macy's Department store for firing an employee who harassed a transgender customer - which was in violation of company policy - the right-wing Liberty Counsel has chosen to stoop low.

I mean really low. The organization is now accusing Macy's of covering up rapes. Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver said the following today on the Faith & Freedom radio show:

We also have another individual that contacted us, Matt, who said that he was sort of a trouble shooter, I forgot the exact title that he was working in in Macy’s, and he brought to Macy’s the issue of these men going into the women’s fitting rooms. . . . Loss prevention or something of that nature. He brought to their attention articles from around the country where people had gone into Macy’s, and some other stores but specifically Macy’s, women had gone in and they had been sexually assaulted in these fitting rooms by men that have been coming into those fitting rooms, and even rapes. He brought this to the attention of Macy’s to address this policy and he said rather than address it he was terminated.

How convenient that this tipster is anonymous, just like the last tipster Staver referred to last year who claimed to be an employee of Macy's allegedly fighting to keep "men out of the women's dressing rooms.

I said it back then and I will say it again. I smell a rat. Or more specifically, until Staver produces this anonymous tipster, I think he is lying.

And this time, it's serious.

Staver is accusing Macy's of covering up the heinous crime of rape. This isn't something that needs to be merely talked about on a radio show. It needs to be investigated. And if Staver is lying, he and the Liberty Council need to face the full consequences.

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