Friday, February 10, 2017

'Statewide bills aim to impede lgbt rights' & other Fri. midday news briefs

First, a little levity.  Compare the two.  A positive rap song about the lgbt community

vs. a negative rap song. And yes, I am biased so guess who I think wins.

In other news: 

 Betsy DeVos Poses Immediate Danger To LGBT Students - Yes she does, so that's another thing we have to be vigilant about. 

Deluge of new state bills would curtail LGBT rights - Siiiiigh! Bring them on, suckas! 

 Your religious liberty doesn’t give you the right to steal my queer tax dollars - Speaking of which, a semi-original piece in the Huffington Post by moi emphasizing the fact that lgbts pay taxes and will not disrespected by "religious liberty" laws. And I'm going to keep stressing this point repeatedly.

 A School Cancelled A Visit From A Transgender Author Because It Was "Inappropriate" - It's nasty junk like this which sends a subtle but deadly message to our lgbt children that they are not welcomed in today's society. I hate this #@!&!

Religious right group allowing anti-Semitic comments to slip in 'news' site


Maybe the American Family Association is so desperate for Trump to sign an anti-lgbt "religious freedom" executive order that the organization is slipping in monitoring the comments on its One News Now site.

Whatever the case may be, I'm more amazed than shocked that whoever monitors the comments on that site let the following slip through under one of its "articles," AFA: Time is now for EO on religious freedom:

I assume Kushner is Jewish and Ivanka converted? There's your answer. There is a huge Jewish backing to the LGBT agenda. And an almost inherent suspicion and hatred of anything Christian in the public forum.
That's why his Jewish relatives are urging him to NOT do what he promised. Jews don't have to read or adhere to the Christian bible. They merely need to read their OWN on that subject. It's quite clear in the Torah what God thinks of homosexuality. But then, like many Christian churches, Jewish synagogues are less about DOING what their Torah says from the heart, and more about DOING the social gospel thing - "good works" weighing more than a heart turned to God. The Jewish community has taken the "works" aspect of their religion to the extreme and to the point of anti-Christian activity, and anti-American subversion for decades. It's true. Even if ONN is too afraid to admit it. Heck, American JEWS are more often against Israel itself and apologists for Palestinian terrorism.

So much for Judeo-Christian values.

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