Sunday, March 22, 2020

'Drag My Dad' allows families to connect, bond, and accept each other

 I ran across these videos on youtube and they really put me in a good mood. I hope they do the same for you. In these troubled times, we all - LGBTQ people especially -  need something to make us smile and to remind us that there are positive aspects and values in the cultures we embrace.

We all know about Drag Queen Story Hour and what it does for our children and families in spite of the ignorant backlash it has faced. But did you know that drag can also be used to help fathers and mothers reconnect with, accept, and bond with their LGBTQ children?

It all happens via Drag My Dad, an MTV show streamed on Facebook, where fathers, mothers, and/or their children are made up as drag queens. It sounds simple, but the stories as to why these families are participating is where the complexities lie. If the above episodes doesn't pull your heartstrings, you need to check your pulse.