Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HRC skewers the liars at the National Organization for Marriage

This video should be required viewing:

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper

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Willow Palin's anti-gay controversy and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Willow Palin: Can see homophobic slurs from her house - Personally I could care less about Willow Palin. But I'm still rooting for a moose to chase her mother up a tree on that reality show. Hey, I'm not being mean. I said chase her up a tree. I didn't say I wished that the moose would catch her.

Sen. Levin to hold hearings on Pentagon's 'Don't ask, don't tell' report - This ought to be interesting.

Here’s the Student Editorial a Minnesota Catholic High School Felt the Need to Censor - Yet again the children are stepping out and up in spite of efforts to shut them down.

Breast Cancer Scare for Rosie O'Donnell - Send shout outs and prayers to to Rosie.

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Twitter by Dan Choi comes across as a immature and not intelligent leadership

The above twitter was sent by Dan Choi, one of the leading lgbt activist fighting for the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and it has sent shockwaves throughout the lgbt community.

Some, frustrated by the seemingly nonexistent movement on DADT, have defended Choi. Others have called Choi out, saying his post was shrill and totally without thought.

I can't help but be in the latter camp.

That's not to say that I don't respect Choi and all he has done to bring attention to the awful policy of DADT. But unlike some in the community, I don't think that anything which will bring attention to our cause for equality is a good thing.

And I have to ask something which one of my colleagues brought up. Yes Obama needs to have pressure, but what about the rest of Congress? Sen. Carl Levin is talking about removing DADT from the Defense Authorization Bill.  Sen. John McCain has been moving the goal posts in terms of what needs to be done for him to not stand against repealing DADT.

In the fight against DADT, there has been too much anger centered on one person (the president) when there
should be more anger and more pressure centered around various others in the Senate.

Furthermore, so many lgbts like to cite the African-American civil rights movement as a standard bearer for what is being done now. But they tend to forget that every march, every speech, every statement put out then was the result of careful thought in terms of how this action will further the cause of equality.

And therein lies my problem with Choi's statement. For the record, I don't think Obama is the worst President ever in any regard. But that's besides the point.

Choi's statement comes across as desperate and shrill. It's less of a statement by a man who is a leader in the cause for equality and more of a statement akin to a child throwing a tantrum.

In the short term, he may be articulating the frustration that many lgbts have, but lgbts articulating rage and frustration are a dime a dozen.  A quick look at comments on facebook proves that point.

What we need is intelligent planning, careful strategy, and above all, perserverance in the face of those who will not yield. 

Choi's statement does nothing positive for lgbt equality. In fact, it reduces the integrity of our movement and paints us unfairly yet again as a people who are quick with the ugly words but slow with the measured intelligent action.

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