Monday, September 26, 2022

Twitter accounts - some run by gays - chase profit by smearing entire LGBTQ community

These twitter sites, supposedly from LGBTQ people, have sprung up on Twitter. All sharing lies about the LGBTQ community (especially the transgender community) and other far right narratives.

The above sites are a part of a huge coalition taking aim at the LGBTQ community. Specifically, there are now Twitter accounts which spread lies and fear about the LGBTQ community for the sake of profit. And some of these accounts are allegedly run by LGBTQ people.

We know about Libs of TikTok and Gays Against Grooming and what they do to profit from scaring gullible people about the LGBTQ community. , 

The three above sites were recently created and mimic the narrative of the original Gays Against Groomers site. They claim that they are run by members of the LGBTQ community who think that we have supposedly gone too far and are now a danger to America, particularly children.

What they are doing is spreading LGBTQ lies for the sake of clout and profit. It's the social media version of Anita Bryant and the vast majority of it is simply vile:

But what makes these folks more dangerous is that they claim to be members of the LGBTQ community. That gives them more credibility than someone like Franklin Graham or Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. Their narrative is "what we are saying is not homophobic because we are members of the community and we see that the religious right is correct about the gay community."

What makes them even more dangerous are the connections they have. Tucker Carlson  and other Fox News pundits, as well as other far right networks,  have more than once amplified their message.

Lastly, there are real world repercussions to what these accounts spew. People have been targeted and threatened after being falsely accused of being pedophiles. Several children's hospitals had to contend with bomb threats because these sites and other right-wing pundits falsely claimed that they were giving transgender kids hysterectomies. Two weeks ago, a woman was arrested for threatening to blow up  the Boston Children's Hospital.

It's some sad bullshit but also par for the course. Exploiting fear is a vice which no group in the world escapes. Every group has at least a few people in it willing to lie and stab their own in the back, front or wherever if the result is lots of media attention and profit.

Yes, I said profit.

The original Gays Against Groomers tweet address directs you to a webpage (which I am not sharing) where you can buy overpriced swag, i.e. clothing with the Gays Against Groomers logo. OR you can give donations

And of course you can join the mailing groups or the Twitter accounts where you can be shown all sorts of lascivious, immoral, and absolutely dirty things LGBTQ people and our allies are allegedly doing to children  It doesn't even matters if these charges are the results of comments taken out of context or given false context. It doesn't matter if these charges are extreme misrepresentation of events or even photos deliberately doctored.

All that matters is keeping the clout and the money coming.  And for that, these accounts are willing shock, sicken, anger, or whatever else is needed to pick the pockets.

Update - G.A.G.newyork -  @G_A_G_NY  sent me the following tweet. It was after he or she tried to convince me that the Twitter account is comprised of gay folks. If you're going to pretend to be gay, at least use current catchphrases. I mean who says "slay" anymore?

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