Wednesday, February 24, 2021

FRC's Tony Perkins explained why religious right & its allies opposes the Equality Act in 2011

On Thursday, the House of Representatives will be voting on the Equality Act and it looks good. If it passes the House, it will go to the Senate where I'm sure things will be a bit more, shall we say, boisterous.

The religious right, right-wing groups, and the anti-LGBTQ industry have been working overtime with their government allies dreaming up excuses and other assorted lies to derail the Equality Act. But at least for this one time, I'm not going to waste time refuting their nonsense.

 I think I've haven't been cutting to the chase. 

None of them oppose the Equality Act for the reasons they've mentioned. The Equality Act will not endanger women or girls, it won't ruin women's sports, it won't make females more susceptible to "predators" attempting to sneak into women's dressing rooms and locker rooms.  Whatever other reasons these folks dream up to oppose the Equality Act are also lies.  .

Truth be told, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins already told us in 2011 why his side opposes the Equality Act. It's relatively simple and we've all known the reason. We simply don't point it out enough:


 Did you get all of that? If not, allow me to paraphrase. 

According to Perkins, LGBTQ people are evil, sick sinners who pawns of the devil. And as such, we don't even deserve to get cheese on ham sandwiches, to say nothing of equal rights. 

 The problem is not so much that Perkins and company believe this. It's also about their reluctance to say it out in the open. They know that if they did, more folks would see that their opposition to our rights and safety is less about general concern and more about homophobic animus.

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