Tuesday, June 24, 2014

THIS is what happens when you allow anti-gay folks to speak their minds . . .

The below video accentuates what I've always said. Sometimes you should let those who profess anti-gay beliefs to get all their feelings out. It's good for us all:

According to my buddies at the GLAAD Award-winning The New Civil Rights Movement and Ed Brayton of Free Thought Blogs :

 The self-proclaimed leader of what he claims is a group called the Vanguard of Christ the King spent seven and a half minutes last week yelling to the Sterling Heights, Michigan city council about why he opposes a non-discrimination ordinance. The elderly man, who identified himself as Don Lobsinger, appeared angry as he delivered his diatribe against equality for LGBT people, or, as he calls them, people who have "the gay condition" and exhibit "gay behavior."

Lobsinger proceeded to make a complete ass of himself during his testimony so much so that he was escorted out by law officials. By the way, the non-discrimination ordinance passed unanimously.

'Jail & concentration camps - anti-gay folks turning up rhetorical heat' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Texas Values' Jonathan Saenz: Gay Activists Are Trying To "Put People In Jail" - And in the middle of this discussion, another "Christian" host pulled the "concentration camp" card. Between these people and Tony Perkins claiming that gays want to start an 'anti-Christian Holocaust," I'm just a little overwhelmed with the hyperbolic rhetoric. 

Ben Carson Unveils Grand Compromise On Marriage: Gay People Can't Get Married - Ben Carson has the dishiest compromise to the marriage equality argument. First, gays can't get married. That's it. Oh and we shouldn't accuse people of bigotry.

 Liberty Counsel head: LGBT advocates are doing 'bidding of the devil' - Okay which one of you gossipy queens let the cat out of the bag on this one? I swear THIS is why we can't get nice things. Someone is always blabbing our secret plans!  

Mayors Take Stand Against Their States' Anti-Gay Policies - Good for them! 

 Top Conservative Links Gay Marriage Opposition To Slavery - And guess what? He is supposedly lobbying on Capitol Hill for MSNBC. . . pick yourself off of the floor and get someone you trust to fan you as you attempt to recover.