Thursday, November 19, 2015

Family Research Council falsely accusing Obama of discriminating against Christian refugees

There is no doubt that the situation involving the Syrian refugees has caused much controversy due to the attacks on Paris. Much of the controversy has to do with the fact that even though the perpetrators were identified as European nationals, many conservatives, GOP members, and religious right figures have exploited the situation to demonize not only the Syrian refugees but also those who practice Islam.

We've even had some folks, including presidential candidates such as Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, offer the idea that only Christian Syrian refugees should be admitted because - as the more coarse of their colleagues put it - "only Muslims are looking to harm people."

To accentuate that mindset comes a new, but callously inaccurate spin which accuses President Obama of favoring Muslim refugees over Christian refugees. And who else is helping to forward this lie but none other than Tony Perkins and the  Family Research Council.

'Say you love America, or shut up!'

Let me just preface that I do NOT condone any type of violence. However, I consider the following clip as a stress reliever.

The Fox News network has practically bent over backwards to demonize lgbts, undermine Obama, and now fan the flames of hysteria against the Syrian refugees. The network is clearly out of control and has gotten to the point where, while in the past I have watched the following clip privately and laughed my ass off,  I am now posting it publicly on my blog because I know so many other folks need a stress reliever from that God-awful network.

The following clip is from the Adult Swim show The Boondocks. This episode, Return of the King, deals with a dream had by the main character, Hughie (he's the little boy at the end. When you see him, you'll know) in which Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. was actually not assassinated but put into a coma.  He comes out of the coma and attempts to revive a civil rights movement. This includes an appearance on a program which looks like Fox News (beginning at 19 seconds).

Watching what happens next is MY dream and guilty pleasure:

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Ted Cruz
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Washington Post editorial board stands up for transgender student

Regarding the case in Chicago of a transgender girl attempting to be treated fairly, while the anti-gay right spins awful lies of her being an exhibitionist and a predator, legitimate media sources, such as the Washington Post editorial board, offers basic clarity and accuracy to the issue:

 . . . details of the two-year investigation prompted by the girl’s complaint paint a far different picture than that suggested by the rhetoric of school officials. How the girl, who is undergoing hormone therapy and is recognized by the school as a female in all other respects (including her use of bathrooms), first asked — and was denied — an opportunity to change clothes privately within the girls’ locker room in an area such as a restroom stall. How the school’s insistence she use separate facilities for the past two years has stigmatized her. It is clear from the government’s investigation, which included inspection of the facilities and interviews with school staff about conduct common in the locker rooms, that the privacy of all students could be protected without singling out this girl for separate and discriminatory treatment. It is a point that was underscored by the hundreds of students and community members who signed a student-led petition in support of her access to the locker room. 

According to Media Matters:

 The Post's calls for equality for transgender students are backed by the collective experience of 17 school districts around the nation that have implemented policies protecting transgender students with no negative consequences, and falls during Transgender Awareness Week, which according to LGBT media advocacy organization GLAAD, "help[s] raise the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people."