Friday, July 07, 2023

'Hypocrite Mike Pences lies about Biden while attacking trans youth' & other Fri midday news briefs

Hypocrite Mike Pence lies about Biden while attacking trans youth - When it comes to LGBTQ people, Mike Pence is always lying. And it's a sad commentary on his supposed faith.

Georgia's Gender-Affirming Care Ban Stands for Now, Judge Rules - "Four families with transgender children and a national organization for such families, TransParent, last week filed a request for an emergency court order to keep the ban from going into effect. But U.S. District Judge Sarah E. Geraghty Wednesday decided to allow the law to stand because, she said, the request was filed too late, Atlanta TV station WANF reports. It was filed Thursday evening, less than 48 hours before the law was scheduled to go into effect Saturday. Attorneys for the state had said they needed more time to prepare their defense, and Geraghty allowed them that."