Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Some Americans prefer a dangerous deworming drug over safe vaccines. What's wrong with these people, Jesus!!!


These days, conservatives seem to be less publicly consumed with LGBTQ people. That's not say that they aren't planning something particularly nasty. But it is to say that their times is divided between two ugly goals - trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade and undermining President Biden on everything he's doing. 

The latter means fighting COVID.  Many Republicans and conservatives refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks. Instead, they are using ivermectin. What is ivermectin? A deworming drug for farm animals. But because it has been prescribed in some cases to eliminate lice and worms in humans, some folks have been medicating themselves with it. 
And mostly because pundits like those on Fox News and idiots like Rep. Lou Gohmert and podcaster Joe Rogan have been heavily pushing it. 

Naturally, this is causing lots and lots and lots of poisoning. Physicians and the Food and Drug Administration have been pleading with folks to stop trying to treat COVID with this drug, but they aren't listening. They refuse vaccines because they claim they are dangerous, but have no problems with taking a deworming drug which they been told does no good and is highly dangerous.

The above commercial makes fun of the fruit of their labors and it is hilarious. But entire thing bothers me. What's wrong with these people!!!!

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