Tuesday, October 03, 2017

How the LGBTQ community lost all of those marriage equality votes - the simple answer

The following graphic below gives a clue to the exciting project I'm working on. It's not the final draft. But it is a graphic you can copy, paste, and use in an argument. In fact, I really wish this was an argument which we pressed in talking about our marriage equality win, particularly when the opposition goes on its tangent about "activist judges legislating from the bench." Stay tuned because when I'm done, this graphic will merely be a small part of a larger undertaking:

'US votes against UN resolution condemning death penalty for same-sex relations' & other Tue midday news briefs

There is a certain bothersome law which may take effect in Mississippi on Friday. Let's thrash it.

US Votes Against UN Resolution Condemning Death Penalty for Blasphemy, Adultery and Same-Sex Relations - And we didn't explain our vote:

" The resolution passed 27-13, with seven nations abstaining. America joined just 12 other countries – among them Burundi, China, Egypt, India, Iraq, Japan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia – in voting against the United Nations Human Rights Council's resolution." 

 And I'm confused. Doesn't Trump want to ban immigrants from coming into the US from many of those countries? Supposedly some of it had to do with "concerns about anti-LGBTQ oppression."

Mississippi’s HB 1523 Is The Most Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law In The U.S. And It Takes Effect Friday - Probably the most far reaching "religious liberty" anti-LGBTQ bill is about to become law in Mississippi on Friday. The law allows doctors, lawyers, and teachers to use the "religious liberty" excuse to discriminate. The irony is that the courts see nothing wrong with it because it has not been determined YET how much harm could this law do to LGBTQs. In other words, the law being implemented is what the religious right wants. But it's implementation will probably eventually doom it. See graphic above.

LGBT students in Tennessee could lose anti-bullying protection - Meanwhile, in Tennessee.

These LGBTQ Groups Were Formed After Pulse. Here Are Their Messages For Vegas - Read and listen.

How LGBTQ Stars Are Changing Society Through Pop Culture - You had better believe it!