Sunday, October 20, 2019

Trump supporters mix 'Dawn of the Dead' with 'Mr. Smith Goes To Washington' on Capitol Hill

Last week, a large number of Trump supporters went to DC in order to screech, I mean protest, about the impeachment inquiry. Apparently they bought Trump's lie that the entire thing is a unlawful coup (which it isn't) instead of  lawful attempt to investigate Trump's unethical and possibly illegal acts involving getting the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son.

Some of them didn't make it because of a comical mishap involving bills not being paid to the charter bus company which was to bring them to DC. Of course, they blamed the financial faux pas on the "deep state."

Those who did make it to DC and subsequently Capitol Hill took it upon themselves to stalk the offices and halls of Congress in a cross between "Dawn of the Dead," and "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" while chanting"God Bless President Trump" or "stop the coup." They also shouted unintelligible nonsense at pages and Congressional workers; pages and workers who obviously deserve raises AND prayers after the experience.

The video above speaks for itself and it's a doozy.