Monday, April 18, 2016

Family Research Council blaming media for disastrous defenses of anti-lgbt laws

FRC's Tony Perkins is blaming the media for a bad weekend.

The Family Research Council is playing a game of defense for the anti-lgbt laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi.

In spite of a disastrous weekend featuring two interviews in which NC Gov. Pat McCrory bungled a one-on-one on Meet The Press and FRC president Tony Perkins himself got called out by the interviewer for his homophobia, FRC still wants to live in a universe where these discriminatory laws are right and the  "left" are going after them with lies. And how does the organization do this? By playing the "biased liberal media" card:

 It's amazing with technology like ours that people still refuse to take a few minutes to read for themselves a bill like North Carolina's. With the facts just a click away, there's no excuse for the liberal media to continue misrepresenting H.B. 2. Yet that's exactly what they're doing -- almost a month after Governor Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) signed the bill into law. Unfortunately, the truth about the measure -- that it gives businesses the freedom to set their own bathroom policies -- doesn't fit the Left's narrative. So they ignore it.
Just yesterday on NBC's "Meet the Press," Chuck Todd took his interview with McCrory down a familiar path, distorting the most basic aspects of the law. "Does it bother you," Todd said at one point, "that basically North Carolina and Mississippi is the only other state to side with you on this?" For starters, McCrory stopped him, Mississippi passed a religious liberty law -- not a privacy measure. Secondly, he fired back, a lot more states agree with North Carolina than don't. "This is not just a North Carolina debate. This is a national debate that's just come on in literally the last three months... We have 29 states that also don't have this type of mandate on private business, including the state of New York [one of its most vocal opponents]."

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