Wednesday, December 29, 2010

South Carolina lgbt organization takes on anti-gay discrimination in a hilarious video

The Alliance For Full Acceptance is just one of the many lgbt organizations in South Carolina standing on the front line against anti-gay discrimination.

In an excellent video campaign, the organization challenges folks to take a look at homophobia and how it harms the lgbt community.


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The sad story of the gay man who prevented a presidential assassination and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Video: Actually, I just showered (though I need another after watching this) - I won't put said video on my blog. Just check it out via Jeremy Hooper. It's another reason why the defense of anti-gay hate groups (i.e. we are just expressing our "Christian" beliefs) fall short. Guess where this guy got his material from?

A Gay Marine Who Saved a President - A gay man saved President Gerald Ford from being assassinated and it ended up destroying his life. A sad tale of how dangerous closets are and a remembrance of a hero who really never got his due.

Poorly Produced NOM Video Very Upset About Potty Words in FCKH8 Video - How interesting. It's okay for children to think of lgbts as freaks and their classmates who live in lgbt households as hellbound, as long as they don't cuss.

Farah: “Purge” the Conservative Movement of Gays and Gay-Rights Supporters - Ah yes. The man behind the World Net Daily site. He already thinks we are affiliated with Nazis so I guess this is the next step.

Palm Springs police Chief apologizes for insensitive remarks during sex sting - He had better apologize! Of course if I were to get snarky about his comment . . .

Britain's first gay surrogate parents to open surrogacy centre for same-sex couples - This is an excellent idea. More centers like this one are needed.

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World Net Daily selling discredited book about gays and Nazis

The website World Net Daily is known as "World Nut Daily" for good reason in many progressive circles, particularly in the lgbt blogging community.

A writer on the site, Les Kinsolving, has in the past referred to the lgbt community as the "sodomy lobby." In October of this year, he called a judge’s order to stop enforcement of the military’s ban on gay and lesbian troops in the military as a "disease ridden judicial decision."

In August of this year, the publication dropped conservative writer Ann Coulter as a keynote speaker from a conference it held because she earlier spoke at a conference held by a gay Republican group.

And in February of this year, another writer on World Net Daily, Molotov Mitchell, spoke out in favor of Uganda's "Kill The Gays" bill, even evoking Martin Luther King Jr's name in defense of it. 

But apparently that's not the extent of World Net Daily's homophobia.

At its online superstore (yes World Net Daily has a "superstore"), interested individuals can buy a discounted copy of The Pink Swastika. According to the description on the page:

The Pink Swastika is a thoroughly researched, eminently readable, demolition of the "gay" myth, symbolized by the pink triangle, that the Nazis were anti-homosexual. 

In other words, The Pink Swastika supposedly gives proof that the gay community was behind the Nazi Party in Germany during World War II.

Not exactly.