Friday, January 04, 2019

Conservative trolls & anti-LGBTQ industry manufacture horrid lie about 'Desmond Is Amazing'

'Desmond is Amazing' is a young activist and an inspiration.

There was a situation brewing that I avoided because when it initially began, I wanted to hear the entire story. You see, in the 13 plus years I have been posting on this blog, I 've run across many, shall we say, moral panics pushed by the anti-LGBTQ industry. These "moral panics" tend to be anecdotal incidents they claim prove that gays want to recruit children, silence evangelical Christians, etc. In the long run, these moral panics turn out to be incidents either deliberately inflated or the product of lazy journalism.

To cite a jaded line, I have seen them all. And this one is no different.

There have a series of nasty claims going about concerning a young activist and drag queen by the name of Desmond Napoles (AKA Desmond is Amazing). This young man has gained fame and positive attention because of his inspirational message:

Desmond has been the undisputed and most beloved young star of NYC Pride since 2015 when he danced his way into everyone’s hearts at the NYC Pride March in his choice of a rainbow tutu and sparkly gold beret. Overnight, Desmond’s story was featured on NewNowNext, Yahoo, Perez Hilton, and Out Magazine. Quickly, he became an internet sensation and was well-known by millions worldwide. Desmond’s mother’s acquaintance created a Facebook Fan Page, called “Desmond is Amazing” to share his continuing journey with others. The name stuck, and Desmond decided to use it as his official stage name. He has named his fans his "Amazies" and is extremely grateful for their continued love and support. 
People were delighted to see a child who was accepted and able to be who they wanted to be, something that very few people have had the freedom as children to do. Even in our modern society, it is all too common for parents to treat their children as mini versions of themselves. They allow their child to wear only what the parent selects, play with toys the parent believes is most appropriate for the child’s gender, force the child’s interests with what is widely socially accepted, and stress that the child’s values and ideas should only align with their own.

There was a nasty rumor going about concerning a recent event he held.

'Trump's trans military ban garners meaningless (for now) court victory' & other Fri afternoon news briefs

Appeals Court Gives Trump First Win on Trans Military Ban - For now, the ruling is essentially meaningless. The ruling only eliminated one injunction against the ban. It still can't take place because of other court injunctions. Still, it is a drag to hear groups like the Family Research Council crow over it.

The Federal Judges Who Ruled in Favor of Trump’s Trans Ban Don’t Understand What It Means to Be Trans - According to The Slate, ignorance about the transgender community led to the ruling.

You can read how the Family Research Council is crowing about the decision via this link, but it would be more pertinent to remember (via this link) how the hate group helped Pence to craft false reasoning for the ban via junk science in contradiction to the information put out by the committee picked to investigate the issue.

Lesbian EEOC appointment dies in Senate - It took them a number of years and a bunch of lies (remember when they falsely claimed she said "gays win Christians lose" ) but those bastards finally got Ms. Feldblum removed from EEOC.

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