Thursday, September 15, 2022

Suspect arrested for transphobic bomb threat against children's hospital that conservatives called a hoax

First Libs of Tik Tok, Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh, and the rest of that bunch spread a false story that  Boston Children's Hospital was performing hysterectomies on trans kids. 

Then when their lies generated bomb threats against the hospital, they claimed that it was all a hoax.

I wonder what they are going to say now that it turns out that the bomb threat turned out to be real? In fact, I insist that we demand they say something 

From Insider via Yahoo News:

Federal authorities arrested a Westfield, Massachusetts, woman on a charge of making a fake bomb threat that was called into the Boston Children's Hospital on August 30. Catherine Leavy was arrested at her home on Thursday morning, US attorney Rachael Rollins said during a press conference. Her age was not disclosed during the announcement. 

 Authorities allege that the suspect was the caller on August 30 who made a false bomb threat to the Boston hospital. "There is a bomb on the way to the hospital, you better evacuate everybody, you sickos," the caller said, according to Rollins. The threat prompted an immediate lockdown of the hospital and the surrounding area, and a bomb squad was sent in to investigate the facility, an FBI agent said during the conference. No explosives were found, Rollins said. 

 Through a court-approved search warrant, authorities were able to track the phone call to the suspect's phone, the attorney said. She is being charged with one count of a false telephonic bomb threat. Rollins could not speak on possible motives.

Technically until there is more proof, I guess there can be no confirmation about motive. However, let's not play games. I would venture to say that the motive isn't farfetched, nor the parties involved in creating the motive. The Boston Children Hospital has been attacked in a vicious campaign of lies over the past months concerning how it treats trans kids.

According to Heavy:

The misinformation about trans health care for kids and threats against the hospital led Facebook to suspend “LibsofTikTok” from its platform, reports. “LibsofTikTok” is run by Chaya Raichik, a Brooklyn-based real estate agent who has amassed more than 1.3 million followers and appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. Raichik and her page have quickly risen in prominence among right-wing media. Facebook reversed its decision to permanently suspended the account 24 hours after doing so.

 LibsofTikTok shared a video on August 11 of a Boston Children’s Hospital doctor talking about “gender-affirming hysterectomies.” The children’s hospital said they do not perform gender-affirming hysterectomies or removal of sex organs on patients under the age of 18. The hospital said in a statement a patient with “persistent, well-documented, gender dysphoria” must be at least 18 and have a letter from a doctor recommending the surgery, according to The Boston Globe. 

Right-wing commentator Matt Walsh tweeted to his 1 million followers on August 11, “There needs to be an organized effort to fight back against the drugging and mutilating of children. There should be rallies outside of hospitals that butcher children. There should be marches on Washington with hundreds of thousands of people. I will try to get this ball rolling.”

Many folks who had a hand in spreading the lies about the hospital claimed that threats were a hoax.   Ari Drennen, LGBTQ Program Director for Media Matters for America compiled a list which included the following:

I hope there will be repercussions not only for the perpetrator of the bomb threat, but also the parties who instigated it all. I can say at least for now that this story is far from over.

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