Friday, April 01, 2016

It only takes one minute & 46 seconds to show that NC Gov. Pat McCrory is a homophobic liar

This video, courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign, only takes 1:46 to refute the lies NC Gov. Pat McCrory and religious right groups (like the Family Research Council) are spreading about the state's anti-lgbt bill.

McCrory and the religious right think that if they repeat a lie often enough, it will overwhelm the truth and those of use telling the truth.

Think again my "friends"

'NC anti-lgbt law borrowed work from vicious hate group' & other Fri midday news briefs

Don't let this group fool you. Its hands are practically dripping with the blood of innocents.

 North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law Borrows The Work Of An Extreme Legal Group - It doesn't matter how much progress we make when we forget that certain anti-gay hate groups have state legislators in their hip pockets. This enemies of lgbt equality have deep pocket and many tentacles. We really need to recognize this so we can defeat them. 

Dangerous Liaisons - A 2013 SPLC profile on the group from above, including a look of its exploits worldwide. The exploits involve worldwide persecution are simply ugly.

10 Shocking Facts About the Alliance Defending Freedom - Even more  info about this group. 

  A University’s Four-Year Fight To Discriminate Comes To An Abrupt End - Happy preview - the university appears to have lost. 

Washington Blade Investigation Debunks The Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Myth - Marking how many times this lie has been debunked? I swear they should start awarding prizes to folks who debunk this lie. It would be the easiest thing to win. 

The Heterosexual Agenda - You know, I have no problems with heterosexuals until they begin shoving their lifestyle in my face (yes that is extreme sarcasm.)  

Planned Lessons on LGBT Tolerance at San Ramon School Spark Outrage - It always saddens me when some heterosexuals think that they are folks who are parents.

Six-year-old accepts her transgender parent without judgment

A six-year-old little girl has the following reaction when told that her parent is transgender and it proves that children sometimes have more common sense than adults:

Buzzfeed has the entire story for those who are interested.